The Secret Life of Bees

By: Sue Monk Kidd


The central theme of this novel, was to not let life get you down, and never give up because throughout the novel, lily was faced with several traumatic situations that she could have given up on or not have tried to find a solution to the problem and decided to stay positive. I chose this picture to represent this theme, because just like this salamander in the birds mouth, it could have chosen to given up on his situation, but chose to fight back.

Two Advertising Techniques

The first and foremost advertising technique I thought in this novel, was pathos. The pathos appeal effected most of the book, because lily most of the time was traumatized throughout her childhood by TJ, who was an abusive father, which effected her emotionally.

The second advertising technique I thought in this novel, was ethos because, Lily throughout the entire novel, was convinced that the Boatwright sisters home was way more reliable and honest, compared to her troubled home life with TJ.