how to search the library catalog

Tips for finding something good to read

access the MEI Secondary Library catalog

You can access your library account and search the MEI Secondary Library catalog using any web browser.

Select MEI Secondary Library.

You do not need to Log In to view or search the library catalog.

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Once the library catalog has opened, enter your topic and Search.

A Keyword search is the default search type, and will show you results that include your search topic in the title, the author, the summary about the item, or anywhere that topic is mentioned.

You can also narrow down your search by selecting to search for your topic by Title, Author, Subject or Series.

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Narrow your search results to get the best results.

Try selecting a Sublocation from the drop-down.

To search for only MEI Secondary library items, choose:

  • MEI Sec AP Book List (for classic and award winning novels)
  • MEI Sec BIO (for biographies and autobiographies)
  • MEI Sec Commentaries (for study resources for each book of the Bible)
  • MEI Sec Fiction (for novels)
  • MEI Sec Graphic Novels/Comics
  • MEI Sec Non-Fiction (for books with factual information or great for research)

Without selecting a sublocation your search may show you library items only available in the MEI Middle Library, as they share the catalog with the Secondary Library.

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If you're not sure which Sublocation to choose, search for your topic without altering the preset drop-down options and view the sublocation for each result that appeals to you.

Select the availability, such as 2 of 2 available, to view the Sublocation of where those items can be found.
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A window will open showing the Sublocation information, indicating if the library item can be found in the MEI Secondary, or if it is part of the MEI Middle Library collection. And the Status will indicate if the book is currently in-library, or if it is checked out.
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Search like a PRO

Want to find books similar to something you've enjoyed before, or are currently searching for?

An easy search tip is to open the Title Details for a library item in search results, and select a Find It button in the Explore! section. This will open a list of results of any library items that are about that same subject or topic, or by the same author or part of a series.

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Login to your library account for bonus features

Want to read something new? Perhaps a book that has just been added to the library this school year? Check out the Resource Lists.

Simply login to your library account and select the Resource Links option on the left side of your screen.

Next, select Resource Lists from MEI Secondary Library to see what's new:

  • SEC New Non-Fiction Books
  • SEC New Novels
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Not sure how to login? Check out the "my MEI library" tutorial for a few tips.