how to search the library catalog

Tips + tricks for finding something good to read

access the MEI Secondary Library catalog

You can access your library account and search the MEI Secondary Library catalog using any web browser.

You do not need to Login to view or search the library catalog. However, if you want to reserve books or check your library account, you can learn how to login HERE.

Select Secondary as the library, in the first field.

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Once the library catalog has opened, enter your topic and Search.

A Keywords search is the default search type, and will show you results that include your search topic in the title, the author, the summary about the item, or anywhere that word is mentioned.

You can also narrow down your search by selecting to search for your topic by Title, Author, Subject or Series.

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Narrow your search results to get the best results.

Try selecting the Advanced search option.

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For example, if you want to find books in the Secondary library that are a classic or award winner (part of the AP Book List collection), that are fantasy fiction, you would select the search fields as shown below.

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Try searching different Locations in MEI Secondary library:

  • MEI Sec AP Book List (for classic and award winning novels)
  • MEI Sec BIO (for biographies and autobiographies)
  • MEI Sec Commentaries (for study resources for each book of the Bible)
  • MEI Sec Fiction (for novels)
  • MEI Sec Graphic Novels/Comics
  • MEI Sec Non-Fiction (for books books based on facts, real events, and real people)

Search like a PRO

Want to find books similar to something you've enjoyed before, or are currently using for research?

An easy search tip is to select the book in the catalog, and look on the left of the screen under Title Details. Anything in blue text will link you to other library items. For example, you could choose the author's name, or one of the subjects, or the series to find out what book comes next.

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Want to peek at what is on the shelves without being in the library? This is especially useful if you are looking for resources for a research project, and want to find items of a similar topic. It also works great to find novels by the same author.

For example, search for "climate change" and select the Shelf List button beside a book that you are interested in.

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A window will open showing you that book and others on the shelves before and after that book. Hover your mouse over a book cover or select a cover to see more information.
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You want that book, but where do you find it?

Select the picture or Title of the book you found in your search, to see more information.
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Now you can see all the details for that item. Look in the Availability tab to see the Location of where in the library that item can be found, and the Status will indicate if the book is currently IN or OUT.
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Reserve it!

If the item is OUT, you can Reserve it -- this means that once the book is returned, you will be on the list of those waiting to borrow the book next.

You can choose to Reserve the library book from the search results, or select the title of an item to view a description before you select the option to place a Reserve.

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If you are not already logged into your library account, you will be prompted to login once you select the Reserve button.

Once the library item you have reserved becomes available, Ms. Penner will send you a Schoology message to let you know it is ready for pick-up at the library.


Not sure how to login? Check out the "my MEI library" tutorial for a few tips.