Canada's Labour Culture

Human Resources and skill development Canada

Equality in the Workplace

Employment equity encourages the eshtablishment of working conditions that are free of barriers for four designated groups: women, aboriginal, persons with disabilities, and members of visible minorities. Represents Canada's multiculturalism and inclusiveness as a country
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Workplace safety

Workers compensation programs provide assistance to federal government employees in dealing with hardships. Even the private sector is responsible to maintain high standards of public safety. No matter where you work, you will be in a safe environment and have the right to refuse unsafe work.
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Employment Standards

90% of Canadian workforce is covered by Provincial or Territorial labour laws and only 10% is federally regulated. Primary objective of in Section 3 in Canada labour code is to protect rights to fair and equitable conditions of employment.Some benefits include:hours of workStatutory holidaysannual vacationsminimum wageovertime payCanada has always had standards in its workplace, it cares for its employees. All these benefits are guaranteed by the law. Rule of law (everyone is equal under the law) that was adopted from the different European legal codes has remained a part of the culture.
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Labour laws

Covers: industrial relations-certification of unions, labour management, relations, collective bargaining and unfair labour practicesWorkplace health and safety Employment standards. Fairness and justice represented in the labour laws system, no exploitation of labourers. These reflects Canada's cultural values as being fair and having a great legal system.
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