Hotter Climate, Wildfires

Samiya Lowe

Warmer than usual

Warmer weather translates into an increase in the rain-free days along with the number of fires and escalating costs in damage.

More wildfires

From the Associated Press, fire season has increased in days per decade (10 Yrs)because the hotter weather.

Many things may cause the chance of more and bigger fires. Warmer weather over a number of years is bad and can dry out all the plants and land. Dry plants and land can help a fire spread and make it hard for the firefighters to put out the fires. The way people use the land, such as in farming, is also causing issues because it is creating new hazards,

Warmer weather also brings lightning which can also start fires. Global warming is also creating warmer weather, so snow is melting earlier and fire season is starting earlier.

In the U.S scientists say things that people do have made the weather warmer over the years. They blame our burning of gas, oil and coal. They say to expect more big wildfires in the world in the years a head if we don't start changing our ways.

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Less Homes

The fires are getting worse, people are losing their homes because the wildfires burned their homes down and it is very dangerous as you can in some parts of.
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