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Stoneleigh Stallions Staff News 3-9-2015

Educators Touch Lives

This poster was delivered to the front office with a request to hang it for all of Stoneleigh to see. Several students wanted to show their appreciation to the school staff for "everything you do, just everything!" The poster is hung at the corner of the first grade hall and the hall towards the gymnasium.
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Finds During Informal and Formal Observations

  • Teachers are taking risks trying new student choice procedures! Students are successfully managing because they know what is expected of them through routines and procedures being carefully taught, modeled, and established in the classroom even 3/4 into the year.


  • Having students copy information onto organizers creates loss of instructional time. Instead, have the teacher scribe the generated group discussion in order to create a student generated anchor chart to be referenced while students are completing independent work and in future lessons.

Student Centered Classroom = Student Choice

Consider how this SES teacher encouraged student choice in product while aligning the assessment requirements. Not only is offering students choice a huge motivator, but there are a number of great learning outcomes. Students who have unique choices to share their knowledge engage more of their creative side and learn to think abstractly. They are allowed to show their learning in a way that is best for their learning style. Using choice assignments teaches valuable skills regarding technology, collaboration and innovation. Since the projects/products can vary so much, the big question is how to grade all of them in a fair and uncomplicated way. Use clearly defined proficiency-based rubrics to provide expectations that work regardless of task.

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"Work Board" Builds Independence And Organization

According to this SES teacher, "I am the one holding the kids back. I am afraid they cannot handle more than one center because it will be too loud and chaotic." Knowing her students are capable of more than she was requiring, she worked with the STAT teacher to develop routines, procedures, and centers which have enhanced instruction. Looking to work smarter in center development they added a math center (Investigations workshop), creative center (blocks, painting, building bird feeders) with parent volunteer support, and centers where only the manipulative changes (sight word - write in sand, clay, stamp, etc.) during the language arts block. The visual “work board” allows student choice and independence because they rotate upon completion, not teacher signal. "Yes, there is noise, but that is okay it is productive (for the most part). They have been amazing at making the change. Plus, I get to see the students for teacher center twice as much as before!"
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Focus on Domain 1 - Knowledge of students’ interests and cultural heritage

What does highly effective look like?


  • uses information from student interest survey’s to design individual learning experiences incorporating culturally relevant activities and assignments.

  • solicits information from parents/guardians, including cultural expectations, about their children and takes this into account when designing learning experiences for individual students.

  • experiences cultural traditions and practices firsthand, such as by attending an event held at a local cultural center, and use this learning when designing lessons.

  • designs lessons that allow for individual choice, regularly.

  • examines resources and materials for cultural sensitivity and adjusts materials, resources and the lesson design as appropriate.

Grade 5 PARCC Testing - ELA

Monday, March 9th, 9-11:30am

SES Classroom

Revised testing schedule due to snow days to be sent out by Amy Malinowski.

Revised schedule for special area times and lunches runs through March 25th NOW.

Leadership Team Meeting

Monday, March 9th, 3:30pm

SES Conference Room

Grade 4 PARCC Testing - ELA

Tuesday, March 10th, 9-11:30am

SES Classroom

Grade 4 PARCC Testing - ELA continues on 3/11 and 3/12.

Reminder - Revised schedule for special area times and lunches runs through March 25th.

PTA sponsored Parent Presentation "Positive Parenting Techniques To Help Decrease Stress In Your Family's Life"

Tuesday, March 10th, 7pm

SES gymnasium

Dr. Carisa Perry-Parrish, a developmental clinical psychologist and faculty member at Johns Hopkins

Grade 3 PARCC Testing - ELA

Friday, March 13th, 9-11:30am

SES Classroom

Grade 3 PARCC Testing - ELA continues on 3/16 and 3/17.

Revised schedule for special area times and lunches runs through March 25th.