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August 9, 2019


August 15 & 16: Mailer sent out with information about your child's teacher

3rd week in August: Bus passes mailed out from the transportation department

August 19-September 30: Early Goal Setting Conferences with your child's teacher (teachers will contact you to set these up)

August 28, 4:00-6:30: Open House (more information to follow at a later date)

September 3: First Day of School

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Please remember:

  • The most helpful thing you can work on with your child is saying their first and last name clearly to an adult!
  • Start labeling all of your child's clothing and backpack with their first and last name!
  • Prepare an extra set of underwear, pants and socks to keep in your child's backpack in case of accidents!

The first days of Kindergarten

This an exciting time for you and your kindergartener!!! It is also a time when adults and kids alike can feel a bit nervous about the first days of school. Here are some tips we've found that can make the first days as smooth as possible:

  • Kids are incredibly perceptive. If you are feeling nervous, try not to show that when you talk to them or others about starting school. Adults can unknowingly project these feelings onto their children and cause them to start to feel nervous. When talking about their first days, speak calmly and confidently and tell them you know it's going to be exciting and fun!! (Remember, we are 'kindergarten experts' and we fully understand how nervous both you and your student can be. Everything we do in this building is designed for students and families that haven't yet been to school!)
  • Please start your 'routines' on the first day of school. If your child is going to ride the bus to school, it is best to start riding on the very first day. We know it's tempting to drive them to school the first few days, but once you drive them, that becomes the expectation. Establish that they will take the bus to school starting on the first day and you may save yourself some future 'negotiations' later on.
  • Some parents feel nervous about the bus. Again, our program is designed for early learners. Our students ride small buses with only kindergarten students. The first week of school, one of our staff will ride the bus with the students. When they arrive to your house the first day of school, a smiling face will come out to welcome your child to kindergarten! Tell your student to have a super first day of kindergarten and confidently wave good bye. The staff member will show them where to sit and talk with the students about how exciting their first day is going to be. (If you are having a hard time, your student may start to think they have something they should be worrying about. If they see the adults excited about where they're going and what they are doing, they feel confident and excited about what awaits them at school.)
  • For students that are feeling anxious and scared, transitions away from parents / guardians outside of the building can often be easier. For many, dropping them off at our parent drop off area helps to establish that routine rather than walking them in the building.
  • Your child's teacher will make sure to get a good picture of your student on the first day of school. Having a picture of them on their first day of school is a treasure for parents -- we'll make sure you have that. (Some teachers save those photos for a special project so you may not see it right away, but we'll make sure one is taken!)
  • Throughout the first days of school you are bound to be curious / nervous about how they are doing. If there is an issue, we will be sure to let you know. This is a special place with teachers that are incredibly committed to making this a great year for your child and you! Our experienced staff anticipates needs and supports our students to help them build confidence and independence.
  • Be ready for a very tired child to come home the first few weeks of school. We keep them very busy and for most students, they have not experienced this before. It is not uncommon for a student to fall asleep on the ride home or go to bed much earlier than normal. Rest assured, they adjust pretty quickly to their new routine.
  • Prepare for an excited student to come home and share about all the new friends they've made and the fun things they learned on the very first day of school! The first few days are filled with opportunities to get to know each other and establish routines (routines build confidence and independence).

We are so excited to meet all of you and get to know your families! Kindergarten is so exciting for parents / guardians, students and teachers alike! Our teachers are already preparing their classrooms! We are just as excited as you for their first day of Kindergarten! There is a special energy in our building and we can't wait for you to be a part of it!

Volunteers Needed!

We are looking for a parent (or two) that would be interested in being our volunteer coordinator! There are some events that we will be asking for help with (breakfast and lunch the first few weeks of school, picture day, copying and/or laminating, etc). If you're interested in learning more about this, please call the school office at 651-621-7400.
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Getting Ready for Kindergarten

Parents often ask what they can do to get their child ready for Kindergarten; some parents are surprised by our answer.

The most important thing for your child to be able to do before they start kindergarten is say their first and last name. It is also helpful for them to be able to recognize their name when it is printed.

Additionally, rather than focusing on letters, numbers, colors, shapes and other academics, it is most helpful if you work on some self-help skills with your child. Here are some of the things it's good for them to know how to do before they come in September:

  • Button and unbutton pants
  • For boys: What a urinal is and how to use it
  • Ask to go to the bathroom
  • Wash hands
  • Blow their nose into a tissue
  • Tie shoes
  • Put on and zip coats
  • Put a folder inside their back pack (and take it out)
  • Drink from a drinking fountain
  • Open and close food containers
  • Cough into their elbow
  • Walk / stand in a line

Knowing how to do these things helps students feel more independent and confident when they start school. Please also know that our building is filled with helpful adults! If your child can't do some of these things when they come in September, there will always be a friendly face close by to give them a hand!

We can't wait to get our year started and look forward to seeing everyone at Open House on August 28!

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