The Great Gerund

A science fiction Story

The Beginning...

Once upon a time, a hero from a distant galaxy called Malgrath was flying back home after a decade of being away when he heard a distress signal off a nearby moon. "Perfect timing, Malgrath!" Said the voice coming from the moon. "We were just about to leave and go settling somewhere else, there's this giant monster of a thing called a Gerund!" "Alrighty then, I'll be on my way in a minute!" Yelled the heroic hero of hereoism. So the beginning ends with the hero rushing to fight the monster, only to be continued... some time later...

Credits: Steele Lewis did all of this that you are currently seeing

What is a Gerund?

Besides the name, Gerunds are actually simple-ish sentences where you have to have both a person, place or thing, and a verb that modifies it. You usually have to use the verb before hand though, or else it ends up as not being the real thing. Its usually used to either emphasize or describe what someone is doing, and it is most commonly used in the present or past tense. For example, if there was a frog that was jumping very high, the part where he was "jumping very high" would be the Gerund.

Where i got the squid picture

Squid picture

Some more Gerund examples (If the story wasn't your cup of tea)

My mom, who was baking a bunch of cookies, was disrupted by a noise.

The oven, which was burning the food, was left on by the mom.

An ember in the oven, which was bouncing around in it, flew out the window into the woods.

Seeing the heated piece of wood fly out of the window, she rushed outside to stop it.

With the fire extinguished, the mom came back to making the Christmas tree even more beautiful than it was.