Fact or Opinion

Can you prove it or is it what someone thinks...

Agenda: January 7, 2015

Objective: 4.11B I will distinguish facts and opinion in a text and explain how to verify what is a fact.

Fig 19 D I will make inferences about text and use textual evidence to support understanding.

Academic Vocabulary

Fact - A statement that can be proved to be true.

Opinion - A statement that tells a thought, feeling, or a belief.

Distinguish - To understand how one thing is different from another.

Verify - Make sure that (something) is true.

Inferences - A conclusion based on the basis of evidence and reasoning.

Textual Evidence - Evidence (proof) found somewhere in the text.

Anchor Charts

Higher Order Thinking Questions/STAAR STEM Questions

How could you verify the a fact?

Is this statement ______________________ a fact or an opinion? How would you know?

What can you infer about this _______________fact? What evidence supports your inference?

Which sentence from the selection presents an opinion?