3rd Grade Classroom Update

October 12th - October 23rd

THANK YOU to parents!!

We appreciate the time that you took to attend conferences. We enjoyed getting to visit with you about your child. We understand this partnership is important to your child's success in school.


Students have enjoyed writing their book reviews. They have started to present these to their classmates. Ask your child to share with you about their book and why they would recommend this book.

After fall break, students will begin a research and inquiry project that gathers information in 2 ways:
1. Reading a fairy tale, folk tale, fable or tall tale
2. A mock interview where students play the role of a selected fairy/folk/tall tale or fable character and respond to interview questions that they have written themselves.

Students will learn the difference between open and closed questioning techniques.


Students are reading stories in Unit 2 about immigration, voting and rescue animals. Each week we have a focus question and then read stories which answer that question. Students are also reading "just right books" that allow them to read a self selected book.

Here is a breakdown of skills and strategies we will be covering over the next two weeks.

Week of October 12th:

Genre: Expository Text (Informational text)

Comprehension Skill: Author's Point of View

Comprehension Strategy: Re-read

Vocabulary Skill: Prefixes

Grammar: Special Nouns (Irregular plural and collective nouns)

Spelling Focus: Silent Letters (No spelling lists this week!)

Week of October 19th:

Genre: Expository Text (informational)

Comprehension Skill: Author's Point of View

Comprehension Strategy: Re-read

Vocabulary Skill: Suffixes

Grammar: Combining sentences and commas

Spelling Focus: Three letter blends

Green Reading Log Sheets Due:

Wednesday, October 14 and Friday, October 23.

If you are looking for ideas to check your student's reading comprehension at home here are some questions you might ask:

*What is the MAIN idea of this section?

*What happened BEFORE , AFTER, DURING (an event).

These are the vocabulary words for the next two weeks:

Unit 2, Week 3

Unit 2, Week 4

Students may practice these words by writing meaningful sentences that use the vocabulary word and provides a definition within the sentence, an example or an antonym.


This week, students will take their Chapter 5 test on using strategies to subtract two, three and four digit numbers.

At home, continue to practice addition and subtraction facts so that students are able to work more difficult equations efficiently and with ease.

Students will begin Chapter 6 which focuses on creating graphs and analyzing data. They will use charts to solve word problems and will learn how to create, read and analyze pictographs and bar graphs.

Unit Studies

Students are beginning to use their historical thinking skills: sourcing, contextualization, corroboration and close reading to think critically about information from history. Students began learning about these skills through reading two very different stories of the Three Little Pigs. Ask them to tell you about the two different stories and how their thinking changed as they considered the source, the time period the story was told and when they read closely the different stories.

Students will then use this knowledge about these skills to think critically about "The Bill of Rights." They will be reading various documents and reflect on them using the historical thinking skills.

Odds and Ends

End of First Quarter - October 15
Fall Break
- October 15-18
PLC - October 27