Darius Ortega

Colorado native. World Explorer

The Basics

Hello! My name's Darius. Allow me to share a little bit about myself: I was born and raised in Thornton, Colorado. This year I will be turning 21 in July! In my family of five, I am the oldest child. My two younger brothers, Demarques and Devin, are considerably younger than me. I'm finishing my third year in college and they are finishing 8th and 6th grade. That being said, I'm not as close with them as they are with each other, but they're my brothers and it's always good to go home to spend time with family. I am currently a full time student majoring in Health Studies: School Health Education and minoring in Secondary Education. When I'm not in the classroom, I spend time working on campus at the Cultural Resource Centers and at SHAC as a Peer Health Educator. I am also the Head Track & Field Coach at Highland Park Middle School in Beaverton. I truly love what I do. Everything certainly keeps me busy, but makes me that much more excited to start teaching. Outside of my school and my professional life, I love traveling. I have been to 20 countries and spent half of last year living in Madrid, Spain. I enjoy experiencing new cultures, meeting new people, and especially love trying new foods. In May, I will be going on my next adventure to India! On a less expensive note, I appreciate spending time outdoors. I love hiking and exploring what our world has to offer.

And that's a brief description of me. Thanks for reading!

Personal Goals

  • Graduate on time (next Spring).
  • Get into graduate school & continue my education to become a Secondary Educator.
  • Become a teacher in Colorado or Oregon.
  • Travel to (at least) one new country & one new state every year.
  • Become bilingual in Spanish & German.
  • Build my own home.

(A few) Important People

Every accomplishment begins with the decision to try.