Yuneek on Fleek!

Welcome to Yuneek!

Best Zine in Town!

Yuneek is a zine for practicing and transferring YOUR unique qualities to all individuals. This creative zine ushers everything that differentiates you from others and escorts it for all to hear. Yuneek is new and improved with an all-new look, as well as two new group members. Yuneek earned two zulitzers last trimester.

Interview and Problem/Solution Papers

We are looking for any interview paper or problem/solution paper to put in our zine. Bring us and show your talents by leading your pieces towards our Zulitzer-winning zine.

B Piece contest (PROMPT INCLUDED)

We are also looking for the best B piece in our contest and the winner will receive $10 from the in class competition. Our prompt includes a sentence that leaves the writer to finish the story. Our prompt sentence is, "It was the day my grandmother explodes after making my favorite chocolate chip cookies...."

Kinds of Writing

We are interested in all of your unique A and B pieces. Personal narratives, reviews, experiences, and anything you can think of.