Sam Houston University

By Marco Lucio

What you need to get accepted.

  • You would have at least graduated from high school on the recommended plan.
  • If you graduated in the top 25% you are automatically accepted.
  • if in 2nd quarter you need 20 on ACT and 960 on SAT.
  • 3rd 23 on ACT and 1060 on SAT.
  • If you are in the 4th quarter you can only get in by review.

Cost, Fee's, and tuition.

  • $290 for fee's.
  • $1,000 for book fee's for a year.
  • $45 for application fee.
  • 7,022 for one year of tuition.

Some picture of Sam Houston campus.

SHSU motto, "The measure of a Life is its Service"

Terry Foundation Scholarship

This scholarship is a leadership and academic scholarship and gives you a "free ride" so to speak, you will not have to pay for anything, there are some requirements for you to qualify.

  • You have to submit a record of your high school grades.
  • Record of what you do around your city and such.
  • Show leadership skills.
  • Need financial help.
  • Be a citizen or permanent resident.

How to contact Sam Houston university


  • You have many on-campus housing choices you could live in a apartment which would cost about $2,700 dollars. a sorority about $1,700, small house(dorm) about $1,700, big house(dorm) about