Digital Citizenship Project

BY: Trevin Cordsen pd.4

What is digital citizenship?

rule: 1:

Treat others the way you want to be treated online.

If you don't treat people like you want to be treated then that would be considered cyberbullying witch could lead to self harm or you to be block/kicked from the network, in some cases you could get the cops called on you.

RULE: 2:

Dont share your personal information to people that you don't know.

If you share things like your credit card or email, you could get spam mail or unwanted purchases on your credit card.

rule: 3:

Don't share pictures you dont want important people to see.

If you share a picture that you dont want a family member, a friend, a potential future employer or college administrator to see, then dont share it.

rule: 4:

Online safety

Online safety is important because if you get caught in a chat room or a scam with a con artist or a hacker/thief, you could get a virus or you identity stolen as well as you could be hunted down and either killed or assaulted.

rule: 5:


Cyber bullying is a federal crime and could harm you or other people mentally and physically. Cyberbullying can lead to suicide for the victim of the attack and jail time for the bullies behind the screen.

rule: 6:


Plagiarism is the act of copying someone else's work without quoting or putting their work in to your own words and/or citing their work.

rule: 7:


Copyright is a rule that is applied when someone gains the rights to their own creation, this rules prevents people from taking their work from the creator. If these rules are broken then the creator has the right to be paid or take the other person(s) to court and sue them.

What is digital citizenship

Digital citizenship is the act of normal citizenship, except for online instead of real life.Digital citizenship has a set of rules to follow just like real life. These rules consist of: use proper grammar, no foul language, no spam, etc... If you dont follow these rules, you can be kicked or banned from a site.

Why should you know about digital citizenship?

you should know about digital Citizenship is important to know about because if you don't follow the rules the mistakes you make now can come back in the future to haunt you.