Origami Owl Jewelry Bar

Hosted by Cheree Smith

Your Invited to a Jewelry Bar "party"

Origami Owl uses various unique jewelry pieces to express your personality. The items available are affordable and fabulous in every way. I am excited to announce that Cindi Sabzevari and I are hosting such an awesome party. Refreshments will be served, as you find out more about what all Origami Owl has to offer. Of course I understand that several people will not be able to attend so you are free to look online and place orders there. Just simply go to "www.getloved.origamiowl.com" then in the search bar simply type "cheree smith" and then look to the right, a drop down list will be there, go down to "jewelry bar by hostess: then hit "search"...However I look forward to seeing you many of you there

Origami Owl Jewelry Bar

Saturday, Jan. 11th 2014 at 3-5pm

My House

For more information, visit the event page on Facebook.

Host your own Jewelry Bar

Who doesn't love getting free stuff especially jewelry, well that's exactly what you can earn by hosting your own party! Who doesn't like to party, getting together with friends, it's as fun and easy as that to earn free jewelry.