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Advanced Academics Grades 6-8


  • With Prior Instruction: to regain credit for courses previously attempted. Students may receive credit if they: (1) obtain prior permission from their parents/guardian, (2) receive prior approval from the building principal or designee, (3) complete an application, and (4) make a grade of 80 or higher on the CBE. Students are responsible for any fees associated with the exam.

  • With No Prior Instruction: for an academic subject in which the student has had no prior instruction. The student must (1) obtain prior permission from his/her parent/guardian, (2) conference with the principal/counselor, (3) complete an application and pay the fee if the CBE is taken outside of the district’s testing window. The district pays the fees for CBEs for acceleration purposes taken during the district’s testing window, and (4) makes a grade of 80 or higher on the CBE.

  • A student who enters District schools from a home school or from a school not accredited by TEA or who enters the District through a foreign exchange program must pass competency exams in the subject area to receive credit for that subject. Grades earned on competency exams shall be included in GPA calculations and shall not be weighted. [See TRANSFER CREDIT at FD (LOCAL)]


  • Pre-AP is based on the following two important premises. The first is the expectation that all students can perform well at rigorous academic levels. This expectation should be reflected in curriculum and instruction throughout the school such that all students are consistently being challenged to expand their knowledge and skills to the next level.
  • The second important premise of Pre-AP is the belief that we can prepare every student for higher intellectual engagement by starting the development of skills and acquisition of knowledge as early as possible. Addressed effectively, the middle and high school years can provide a powerful opportunity to help all students acquire the knowledge, concepts, and skills needed to engage in a higher level of learning.

Link to College Board Pre-AP Information

Pre-AP Summer Assignments

Summer assignments are designed to be meaningful building blocks or prerequisite skills needed for success in your class. Summer Assignments are not intended to be gate-keepers, but rather scaffolds for student success in academically rigorous courses.

Summer Assignments for Pre-AP English Language Arts will be provided for students prior to the course selection date. Teachers will be available for feedback and guidance throughout the Spring Semester.

All summer assignments are due the first week of school 2017, and will comprise at least 2 grades of the first 9 weeks average.

  • Week One: Formative Grade-Project completed and ready for teacher feedback.
  • Week Three: Summative Grade-Revised project due as major grade.

AVID: Advancement Via Individual Determination @ LMS/POWELL

AVID is a college preparation system that prepares students academically for post-secondary eligibility and success. The course focuses on teaching students academic strategies and methods that will help them be successful in the classroom and beyond through the use of tutorials, organizational strategies and academic rigor. AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination, and seeks to empower students and close the achievement gap for all.

6th Grade: Beginning in the fall of 2016 Powell 6th Grade Center will be a school-wide AVID site, utilizing the strategies and resources within the AVID College Readiness System to support all students in every course.

7th/8th Grade: Students in the AVID Elective course are selected by application/interview. This competitive program provides resources and support for students as they pursue their goals for high school success and college completion.

Gifted and Talented

Gifted and Talented services are available for students who meet the screening requirements, and are provided in grades 6-8 by qualified core content instructors through GT Pre-AP classes.

6-8 Spring Referral Window: March 18-April 1, 2016

The LEISD gifted program accepts nominations of any students currently enrolled in Little Elm ISD, to nominate a student, please complete the forms and return them to your campus office.

LEISD 6-8 Advanced Academics Contract

All Pre-AP, AP & Dual Credit Students