Americans and the Revolution


African Americans and Free Enslaved

At the start of the war,one out of every five people in the 13 colonies was of African descent.Most lived as slaves in the Southern Colonies and about 5,000 African Americans fought for the Continental Army and many were promised their freedom as a reward for their service.This was the case for the soldiers in the First Rhode Island Regiment.The First Rhode Island Regiment fought bravely in Several major battles during the war.

Personal Hardships

The approval of the Declaration of Independence showed that the colonial leaders had united against Britain.But the colonist themselves were not united.Many faced the difficult decision of whether to support independence or to remain loyal to the British King.As people took sides,towns,friendships,and families were sometimes torn apart and one Patriot woman stayed in Boston while Loyalist members of her family moved away.

Woman and the War

The Economic Hardships

Economic Hardships

Americans faced economic as well as personal hardships during the Revolutionary War.One problem was a shortage of important goods and British ships set up blockades so that other ships could not unload goods at American ports.As the shortage of goods grew worse and in two months the prices went higher and higher and the cause was of the inflation was the falling value of Continental money.