A Beautiful Place

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The beautiful island of Fiji is North of New Zealand, North-East of Australia, about two-thirds of the way between Hawaii and New Zealand right in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean.
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If you're looking for a tropical get away, you are looking at the right place. With a warm tropical climate and an annual average temperature of 76.9 degrees fahrenheit and the average high temperature being 83.8 degrees, its a warm sunny place for you to relax. The only downside is it does rain a bit, about 102.1 inches a year.

What is in Fiji?

You will never run out of things to do while you're here, with numerous miles of mountainous terrain and the awesome experience of visiting mostly dormant volcanoes, or the white sandy beaches. You will get your thrill seeking and your relaxing edge off.
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How to fit in

Fiji has three major languages that most Fijian people speak: English, Fijian, and Fiji Hindi. Their life also revolves around songs of Love and Homeland. They like string bands and Kiss family or relatives on one side of their cheek when greeting or saying goodbye. Also, they have a specially designed mat made specifically for meals, and don't forget that the highest token of respect you can receive is a Tabua, which is a tooth of the Sperm Whale, so make sure to follow all their guidelines!
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The don'ts of Fiji

  • It is taboo to point at people that are older and considered of higher rank, it means that you are challenging their authority and are breaking a traditional law.
  • The chiefly burial ground is not a public place and only special people of each clan in Fiji are ritually appropriate and cleansed before they can enter the sacred ground. it is considered taboo if you enter without permission or the proper rituals. It is said that you will get a terrible, incurable disease.

Subcultures and Culture Changes

Subcultures: The traditional Fijian lifestyle is based of commercial principles derived from village life. These people still live by the command of a village chief, and the whole village works together to get all of the necessary chores done in the village. Also, you will never grow rich in the city due to stability and the fact that everyone is created equal and everyone is treated the same.

Culture Changes: In ancient Fijian times cannibalism was largely practiced until Christianity was introduces where the practice is extremely frowned upon. Religion is also something that has extremely changed throughout the years. It went from believing in Myraid of Gods and spirits to Christianity, Hinduism and Islam.

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