229th ISSUE: April 29, 2022

From the Desk of Mr. Brad Williams

April and May are exciting and busy periods of the school year. The end of the academic year is in sight and events such as prom and honors day lift everyone’s attitudes. At the same time, there are stresses with end of year exams, advanced placement testing and college decisions for our older students.

As an administration and school community, we encourage everyone to cherish and celebrate these times. Yes, they can add stress. As a Dean of Students and volunteer Student Council Moderator, I can attest to the added work of organizing and executing an event like Prom. But what keeps me grounded and motivated is knowing that Prom, like other end of year events, is a celebratory time that is integral to the high school experience as well as a rite of passage for our students. When the stress piles on and the decision points come at a fast and unpredictable pace, there is solace in the fact that members of our community will recall these times throughout their lives.

With that in mind, I do not like to dwell on the conditions that our young people have had to experience in recent times as I believe it is best to look forward. However, what the youth have been forced to sacrifice over the past 24 months does come to mind when thinking on the significance of events such as prom, honors day, and graduation. Marian Central is proud and grateful that our students will have the opportunity to celebrate these events in traditional fashion.

I would like to end by offering a sentiment of encouragement as we approach the end of the year. For everyone, including students, families, and faculty, the end of the year brings elements that are both positive and negative. Exams, grading, planning events, graduation, coordinating with friends and family; all of these can be both enjoyable and time consuming. It may hit everyone different, but we all experience some mixture of excitement and obligation. Speaking for myself, comfort in these times of stress comes from diligence and a feeling of accomplishment. It’s easy to become overwhelmed. Instead, tackle the obligations with a mindset of progress. I am reminded of a quote from the author Frank Herbert, “Seek discipline and find your liberty.”

Mr. Brad Williams


Laptop Collection

All students must return their Marian issued laptops at the end of each school year. Every summer, the school performs regularly scheduled updates and maintenance on all student devices. These devices will then be redistributed to all registered 2022-23 students at the beginning of next year. Please click here for the 2022 Device Collection Procedures.


Class of 2022 Composite & Cap/Gown Photos

Seniors - Order your Class of 2022 Composite Photo by clicking the link below.

You can also schedule your cap and gown photo by clicking the link below. Vicky Long will be on site in the Commons outside of Landers Pavilion after the Honors Day Assembly to take these photos.

  • The Access Code for the Composite orders is: MC2022
  • The Access Code to Register for a walk-up Cap & Gown session on Honors Day is: 22CGM


Summer Camps

Don't forget to register for summer camps. Scan the code below for more information and to register.
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