Bridging the gap

Danielle, spencer, lily


The major literary element was realism without feelings getting involved. This reflects the time period because during this time the civil war occurred and that severed the nation and raised tensions. Not only did it cause a division of the U.S but also the war was so brutal and many families lost sons, fathers, and husbands which encouraged the depressed and brutal writing style.


During this time the U.S. citizens were searching for woman's rights and other political as well as social reforms. The writing style was often related to feelings and emotional opinions. This uprising caused many different groups to search for equality and the depiction of this is evident in the literature.


The effects of WWI was a massive blow to The American morale. This can be seen in the literature and art that had many depressing and discouraged topics. Much of this is seen through the way that pop culture was presented with meaningless ideals and that things are as they appear, this time period was focused on surface level appearance.

The connection

All these time periods are connected by the fact that they had a large uprising in all. The civil a war, reforms, and WWI all played a major role the literature at the time. Although they were distinctly different styles they reflect the unrest brought about by the dissatisfaction of Americans.