LIS Update 2/4/2019

February Meeting Sign Up Link

The February meeting is at the Center for the Advanced Careers in the Entrepreneur Room. The sign up for the February 13th LIS meeting is live in Eduphoria. Please register prior to February 12th.

February Meeting Snack Patrol

The campuses involved in snack patrol for the February meeting are: Mahanay, Martin, Outley, Killough and Budewig.

Library Events

Are you having a book fair, literacy night, author visit, or other library event this spring? Please e-mail me with the details. This will enable me to promote the event via social media.

Monthly Report Challenge

As was talked about in the Meeting Video, make sure you are working on your Monthly Reports this spring. There will be MakerSpace incentives given out at each meeting for those who have complete Monthly Reports. ... See the Monthly Report Challenge flyer for more details.


Make sure to continue working on your partial inventory. There have been several great tips posted on Schoology. Caroline also e-mailed about a very helpful solution. The stated deadline for the partial inventory completion is the end of February.

February 22nd Destiny Trainings

There are two different Destiny trainings on February 22. Since the trainings will be conducted by an Follett trainer, both sessions have strict seating limits set by Follett.

The morning session (Advanced Destiny Training) is a repeat of the major topics that were covered in the October 22, 2018, Advanced Destiny training. The participants for this session should only be librarians who were not at the October Destiny training.

The afternoon session (Advanced Destiny Training Part Two) builds on the information and training from October 22, 2018, Advanced Destiny Training. The participants for this session should only be librarians who were at the October Destiny training.

Spring Professional Development Sessions

Destiny Wish List

Our Destiny Customer Relations Specialist would like your feedback. She wants to meet with the Destiny Project Line Managers to get visibility on struggles or goals that you may have.

She wants to know:

  • What features or functions would enhance your experiences making for an even better and more successful user experience?
  • How would you answer this question: "I love Destiny, I just wish it would________?"

New LIS Interest Meeting

UH Clear Lake will be holding two School of Library and Information Sciences Masters Program interest meetings on February 21, 2019. The first meeting will be at 4 pm and the second meeting will be at 5:30 pm. The meetings will be at the Administration Building in the Board Room.

If you know of people on your campus who are interested in becoming librarians, please let them know about these interest meetings.