The Aroma of Chai

Aroma of Chai

The aroma of Chai
always reminds me of you and
a December night
the thunderstorm rattling outside
next to the warm fireplace
and the hug with the love that
I could feel it.

Being with you
is an escape from the reality
to a real yet fantasy world
of dreamed companionship

Somehow you have become so distant
Wondering why?

Life moves on
leaving behind the memories
and the gratitude of knowing you

surfaced a strong conviction
to restore my broken family
just like putting fractions
of a piece of chinaware back together.
It is not easy.
The chinaware is still fragile
and it will never be as good
as an unbroken piece
but sustaining it
is all well-worth it.

So thank you

The aroma of Chai
always reminds me of you.