"Jip His Story"

By:Katherine Paterson--------------Project by:Eli Scheible

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Story Plot

Exposition:The story,Jip His Story,takes place in Vermont in 1855 and 1856. The main characters are Jip,Put,the Lymans,Lucy,Toddy,and Mrs.Wilkens. When Jip was around 3 years old, he falls off of his family's wagon only to be left unclaimed by his family and is forced to live at the poor farm in the town he was abandoned.

Text Evidence Setting:Sometimes, farther south, she received help from the railroad,but by the time she reached Vermont,she no longer asked for help.page 172

Rising Action: Jip fell of the back of a back of a wagon when he was 3. A person picks him up and takes him as their own. The person who picked Jip up brought him to town to see whos he was, only nobody ever came to claim him so he had to live at the town's poor farm. Throughout the entire book Jip wanted to find his parents but he was able to make friends at the poor farm. Sheldon, one of Jip's friends, and him build a cage for a lunatic. Put, A.K.A. the lunatic, came to town in the back of a wagon. Put is a lunatic because the demon comes and goes inside his body. A man comes to the farm seeking a strong laborer, so Sheldon went to help so that the money he earned would go to the poor farm. Sheldon blows him self up with a stick of dynamite trying to do his job. Lucy, Toddy, and Mrs.Wilkens showed up at the farm one day. Lucy and Jip go to school and become friends. On their first day they show up late to school because they had to walk a lot of miles. Jip likes school however the teacher realized that Jip needed more help then all people that are his age because he doesn't get or answer all the questions. So Lucy helps him after school with his work. Jip became friends with the lunatic. The demon came back to Put so Jip had to stay home from school to help with him because he was the only one that could calm him down. At the end of each day Lucy would teach Jip everything that she got taught that day. Then teacher came to the poor farm to tell Jip that he needed to come back to school. She told him that if he needed any help with anything to go to Mr.Stevens place, wich was across the village from the farm. Put and Jip went to Mr.Stevens house one night because a person was chasing him. The person who was chasing him was a slave buyer who hired kids at Jips school to keep an eye on him. So Mr.Stevens helped him by giving him shelter sense they knew where he lived.Him and Put ran away from there one day and headed north towards Canada because there are no slave traders or buyers. Jip and Put were caught by the slave buyer.Then Jip went to jail.

Rising Action Text Evidence:"He can hardly best you--- a gentleman of your stripes.Meantime,I'll jest hold him in the jail for you."Page.172

Climax:Teacher said that she was Jips mother and Mr.Stevens said that he was his father.

Climax Text Evidence: P.176"You have never know it,Jip , but you are my son."

Falling Action: Jip sits in his jail cell. Jip brakes the glass in the jail cell.

Falling Action Text Evidence:"He brushed the glass off the frame with his fingertips."page.178

Resolution/Denoument: Jip ran towards Canada using the north star in the sky.

Resolution Text Evidence:P.178"Jip looked up at the heavens to get his bearing from the Big Dipper and then began to run.

Man vs Himself: Jip is struggling in the book to find who his true parents are. He has been wondering who his guardians sense he was able to talk.

Historical setting /event had on the character

The setting effects Jip because in Vermont they allow people to have slaves,so slave traders want to go capture Jip to be their slave.

4 facts

1.Back in the 1850s the fastest way to get around was to use a horse an carriage.

2.Slaves escaped from their owners by the railroads.

3.The Fugitive Slave Act was passed by the United states Congress on September 18,1850, as a part of the Compromise of 1850 between Southern slave-holding interests and Northern Free-Soilers.

4.Slave traders wanted has many slaves they could so they could either trade them for money or keep them for labor.