"you've tried the rest,now come to the best"

My kingdom is better than all the others you have seen.

If you come to my kingdom it has the best music you like.You get to use all devices you bring,parties,contests and prizes you can win.Best food you have ever tasted.If you join my kingdom you get to go on trips and go to places.Also if you join bring friends and if you bring a friend you and your friend get to go in the Mvp room with games food and more.If you join my kingdom it will be lots of fun.Girls will go to get there nails and hair done and shopping.Boys will be able to go to the arcades and play basketball.

Special prizes... read learn more.

If you join my kingdom then you can play a game the name of the game is ... "What's ya number"?You have to sit in a seat and where ever you sit there is a number and if you're number is called you get a prize.You also get to go on a trip to the biggest water park in the world.Also includes Iphone 7 (when it comes out) and Mega galaxy.If you don't win you still get a prize but not much bigger than if you do win.If you don't win you get to get a brand new Iphone 6 and 5.

We are WonderLandImperfection

We are Wonderlandimperfection.If you have any questions just read the info below to get the info you need.Better read about us and ask about us.