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Amazing Cricket

Did you know crickets are insects.

yes they are!

Crickets sing a beautiful song to communicate. and they have to sing a different song.

A Cricket skin might be brown, black or green.

Crickets hide in the day and come out during night.

Some crickets make their home under ground.

Crickets usually have six legs.

Crickets have back legs that have strong muscles

Crickets have back legs that they jump with.

Crickets have legs that have ears on them.

What Crickets Eat

Crickets eat plants and insects they look for food during night.

They also eat other crickets.They usually use their sharp jaws to help them chew.

Interesting Facts

Most crickets are between half an inch and two inches (1.25-5 centimeters) long.Crickets usually are born in eggs they have an egg tube on the back of a female cricket that they use for laying eggs.A male and female get together to make and have more crickets. Most crickets have wings on their bodies. Some crickets can fly. What did you learn about crickets today?