Classroom Resources

Writing resources for my classroom.

Writers need to read!

Find your next read

Have students use They can search for a book they have already read, and a web of recommended books will appear.

Resources for some "out of the box" writing projects

Make a Comic strip

There's a couple of tools that would allow students to make a comic strip.


Make a picture book

Bookr is a website that lets you make a picture book.

Video Resources for Writers


FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman is the hilarious (and educational) reality TV series for 6 to 10 year old kids that features real kids, real challenges and one really cool canine host. The Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman podcast features exclusive interviews with the dog himself, Ruff Ruffman.
Listen to Frank L. Baum's famous children's book, Wizard of Oz. After a terrible tornado hits the Gale family's Kansas farm, Dorothy Gale and her dog ToTo find themselves transported to the magical land of Oz. With the help of the Scarecrow, the Lion and the Tin Man, Dorothy battles the Wicked Witch of the West, finds the Wizard of Oz, and discovers there is no place like home.
Classic radio show, Sherlock Holmes Adventures, is based off the writing of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. A brilliant London-based detective, Holmes is famous for his prowess at using logic and astute observation to solve cases. He is perhaps the most famous fictional detective, and indeed one of the best known and most universally recognizable literary characters.
Stories for Kids - Learning Today podcast is fun read-aloud stories for children provided through
The Children's Corner is the podcast for children and young at heart to relax and listen to stories from around the world that have been the favorite tales for many generations.