The Peloponnesian War

The war That Almost Tore Greece a Part

Athenians Vs. Spartans

Spartans and Athenians were dualistic long lived arrivals since 431 BC. This warfare continued for over the next 30 years and had changed Greece history forever and a day. In the year of 431 BC, the Spartans charged north towards the Athens eager to make combat. Meanwhile the Athens rejected the Spartans. They were furious and began to scorch down crops in hopes to have them run out of nourishment. This started an all-out confrontation between the Spartans and the Athenians.

This is War - The Awakening

The Spartans supposed that they were in for a laid back win, but to their surprise a ship filled with food swarmed in for the Athens located in the city where they were known to live. The navy had also attacked Sparta’s allies forcing them into sending troops in order to defend other Greek cities. Over the course ten years, diseases begin to sweep through the Athens’s killing thousands of them off. No one had the advantage over one another, so they made a truce. But during 415 BC Athens tried expanding the empire once again. As a result they sent in the army and navy to conquer the island of Sicily. The Sicilian allies of Sparta defeated and imprisoned them afterwards. But the Sparta took advantage of the Athens and soon would start violence. Soon the Sparta’s gained power and we’re in control. The war was over.

The Aftermath

After a long thirty year conflict, Sparta was the most commanding city-state located in Greece. Until other city-states began to rebel against them. This disagreement leads into another war. The control of Greece shifted into city-state from city-state. The Spartans had won this everlasting war. This was the final war that allowed Greece to become more vulnerable and was open for attack.

An Introduction to Thucydides’s History of the Peloponnesian War - A Macat History Analysis