Trojan Talk

Osawatomie High School

To Graduation and Beyond

Volume 1 Issue 3

August 30, 2019

Welcome to Trojan Talk, Osawatomie High School's weekly newsletter. Thank you for your patience as we build the newsletter to include important information about classes, clubs, activities, events, deadlines, etc. We're off to a busy start at OHS in classes, clubs, sports, and various other activities and events. Please let us know if you would like something added to the Trojan Talk. Previous week Trojan Talks are linked at the bottom of the OHS page within the USD #367 website.

USD #367

Mission & Vision


The Osawatomie community is committed to excellence in our schools and to developing students who achieve their full potential as lifelong learners.


The staff, students, parents and patrons of the Osawatomie School District will know we are accomplishing our mission when all of our learners are Effective Workers, Competent Community Members, Problem Solvers, Self-Confident and Technologically Literate.

What's Going On at OHS


Friday, Aug. 30th, 6pm

1200 Trojan Drive

Osawatomie, KS

Varsity Volleyball Tournament at Burlingame

Saturday, Aug. 31st, 9am

417 North Dacotah Street

Burlingame, KS

Varsity volleyball kicks off their season with a tournament at Burlingame. Good Luck VB Team!!!!

Community Blood Drive @ OZone

Wednesday, Sep. 4th, 10am-2pm

300 11th Street

Osawatomie, KS

Donors will be given a free t-shirt. Anyone 16 or older is welcome to donate. 16 year olds need parental consent. Permission forms in the office. Stop by the OZone or call to make an appointment.

NHS / The Wall

Thursday, Sep. 5th, 12:45pm

1200 Trojan Drive

Osawatomie, KS

NHS and The Wall will meetings during Advisory.

Cross Country Meet @ Anderson County

Thursday, Sep. 5th, 3:15pm

Northeast Golf Course Road

Garnett, KS

Volleyball FR/JV/V @ Central Heights

Thursday, Sep. 5th, 4:30pm

3521 Ellis Road

Richmond, KS

Football @ Olpe

Friday, Sep. 6th, 7pm

220 West Listerscheid Street

Olpe, KS


No School

Monday, September 2 - Labor Day

School Picture Orders

You can order pictures online at and use order code: 41908HA.

Trojan Pride!!! You were ticketed!!!

Karli Reese

You were ticketed by Ms. Hamtpon for showing HONESTY, RESPECT & RESPONSIBILITY!!!! Karli and Ms. Hampton will enjoy lunch Friday from Karli's favorite local restaurant. Congratulations!!!
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Counselor's Corner

We are continually updating and adding to the Counselor Page on the school website. Please check it out!

Next Week: I will be in the senior English classrooms to talk about important upcoming events, after high school plans and ACT dates.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Dear OHS Students:

1. I trust you.

2. I believe in you.

3. You are cared for.

4. You are listened to.

5. You are important.

6. You will succeed.

Love, Ms. Mildfelt

Important Dates Coming Up

Course Information

What we did this week and whats coming up next week.

Mr. Alphin

Art 1

This week students completed their first independent project by using lines to make an original piece of art.

Next week students will look at value and how is used in art.

Art 2

This week students walked through how to correctly draw facial proportions.

Next week students will complete a portrait of their favorite celebrity.

Advanced Art

Students are continuing their individual art projects.

Mr. Bailey

Weights 10-12

This week students have various weight workouts depending upon offseason, in-season, and non-sport specific.

Next week, we'll be maxing out on bench, squat, and power clean.

9th P.E. /Health

Students have various weight workouts depending upon offseason, In season, and non-sport specific. Health classes started Ch 1 Healthy Lifestyles.

Next week, we'll be maxing out on bench, squat, and power clean. Health classes will discuss Sec 2 CH 1.

Mrs. Bailey

Concert Choir/Singers

This Week: Both groups will continue with sectionals in order to learn parts for each of our Fall Concert pieces. We will, individually, begin work on Honor Choir repertoire.

Next Week: We will continue with sectionals while slowly bringing the groups together to work on the pieces. Honor Choir work will be on their own.

Music Appreciation

This Week: We will continue the Music Identity Section with the production of a "Fest Flyer" and "Personal Sound Collage."

Next Week: Upon completion of the Music Identity Section, we will begin Section 2, "Origin & Development, Theory and Elements."

Mr. Dages

World Geography

This week we wrapped up discussing our introduction to Geography unit and took a test over it on Wednesday. We also started our new unit of Econ 101.

Next week we will be continuing our economics unit. We will be looking at different economic systems around the world, such as communism, capitalism, and socialism. We will be exploring the ins and outs of free market versus command economies.

Reel Movie Reviews

We watched Tombstone this week, the story of Wyatt Earp and the shootout at the O.K. Corral. We will be writing an essay over the accuracy of the movie.

Next week we will be changing time periods and looking at the Great Depression, through the story of James J. Braddock the legendary boxer. The movie is called Cinderella Man.

Ms. Hampton

English II:

This week we studied various types of conflict and identified it in the short story, "Contents of a Dead Man's Pocket." We then applied them in a writing exercise titled, "Dead Horse." We also worked on application of vocabulary terms.

Next week we will study plot structure with the short story, "Ordeal by Cheque" and practice writing in the various points-of-view using well-known nursery rhymes. Students will have a vocabulary quiz on Tuesday!

English III:

This week we finished up our study of The Declaration of Independence by drafting a Jr. Class version in which the students planned to leave the school if certain changes weren't made to create a better learning environment (of course, this is only hypothetical). This allowed students to apply the persuasive techniques they learned from the document and also practice the formatting of a letter. We also worked on application of vocabulary terms.

Next week we will move to the Gettysburg Address and study the various versions of the speech to better understand the concept of editing and revision work. Students will have a vocabulary quiz on Tuesday.

Ms. Henness

Independent Study

Students are finishing up their first module in their online courses. It's great to see them find ways to organize their resources and prioritize their time to complete everything before the due date.

Mr. Ingle

Economics (Carl Ingle)

We are currently studying the concepts of specialization and trade including some of the current conflicts with China. Our next subject will be to compare and contrast several economic systems.

U.S. Government (Carl Ingle)

We continue to study the foundations of the U.S. governmental system. We are currently studying the development of the republic from the founding of Jamestown to the Declaration of Independence. We will then study the highlights of the

American Revolution to the Articles of Confederation.

Spanish (Carl Ingle)

We are learning in Spanish the vocabulary associated with school and the classroom. This includes basic questions and answers, vocabulary words and the names of the subjects in which the students are enrolled. We will be working on this into next week.

Mrs. Johns

Resource Room English

This week we continue to work on our Resumes. We are also doing our first Article of the Week which will be due on Fridays.

Next week we will finish resumes and work on writing Cover Letters.

Mrs. Kremer

Physical Science & Earth Space: Both worked on reviewing composition of matter as well as physical and chemical properties.

Next week we'll move on to identifying physical and chemical changes. Earth Science will move on to minerals!

Mr. Madden


This week we studied the Psychology of the Brain. We examined the nervous system and the endocrine system, brain cells and how they communicate and the structure and function of the Brain. Class seems to be going very well and the students are all meeting expectations.

Next week we will begin the unit of ""Sensation"". We will examine the biological procedure of receiving information from our environment. We will study how this information is shared with the brain and the response that takes place from there.

American Government

This week we continued to examine the Colonial process of Great Britain in the Western Hemisphere. We studied how England competed with Spain and France for this Colonial area. As we look at these facts we discovered the democratic influences of these early Colonial efforts. Be began to discuss the conflict which emerged between the American Colonies and the Government of Great Britain.

Next week we will begin a movie which emphasizes and demonstrates the 17th and 18th-century technology. It also points out the culture of life aboard an 18th-century sailing ship as well as other cultural era information.


This week we continued our study of economic systems. We compared and contrasted the various aspects of these different systems. We prepared for essay exams over this information to check for working understanding of the information. The Jrs. also met with Mr. Ingle as he shared with them information on the Jr. Trip to Washington D.C.

Next week we plan to continue our study of economic systems. We will add to that an examination of differing views of "Economic Schools of Thought". We Should finish this Unit next week and have a test over this information next week as well. A study guide will be provided for the test.

Dr. Menefee

Junior English

This week we wrote our own Bill of Rights, paying special attention to the wording.

Next week, we will read true stories of seeking freedom.

Senior English

This week we began reading Beowulf and discussing what makes a hero.

Next week, we will continue studying Beowulf.

College English

This week we began analyzing advertisements to understand how they communicate.

Next week, we will write an essay about an advertisement of the student's choice."

Mr. Needham


This Week - Working in teams on projects to evaluate different functions in sections 1.2.2 – 1.2.5 and took our first homework (Review/Preview) quiz on problems from 1.1.1 – 1.2.1 on Tuesday.

Next Week - Homework (Review/Preview) quiz on problems from 1.2.2 – 1.2.5 on Tuesday, Chapter 1 review and a test over Chapter 1.


This Week - Evaluated reflections, rotations and transformations of different shapes in sections 1.2.2 – 1.2.5 and took a homework (Review/Preview) quiz on problems from 1.1.1-1.1.5 on Tuesday

Next Week - Will finish Chapter 1 on symmetry attributes and characteristics of different shapes. The (Review/Preview) quiz will be on the following Tuesday 9/3 over problems from 1.2.1 – 1.3.2.

Mrs. Pitts

Freshmen Health and PE

This week: We showed off some pickleball skills and got in our first complete weight workouts.

Next week: We will begin our maxing out process on Thursday.


This week: Continued to lift in preparation for maxing.

Next week: We will begin our maxing out process on Thursday."

Mr. Rush


This week we looked back at Biology through history and started looking through the unifying themes of Biology. We have been building a list of the 13 characteristics that make something alive. We will study some of the myths that are propagated about biological creatures. Our daily warm-ups have focused on characteristics of living things.

Next week we will be reviewing the scientific method of problem solving and applications of dependent and independent variables in research. We will work with some data sets to practice application.

A & P - This week we learned about systematics and the taxonomic levels that biologists use. We covered the rules of binomial nomenclature and on Friday will have our first biweekly binomial quiz about the scientific names of 5 common mammals. We worked on characterizing the domains and kingdoms. We started literary research projects that will last all semester. We covered the format of the paper and assigned the Thesis Statement to be due next week.

Next week we will differentiate between the flow of energy and chemicals through an ecosystem as we characterize the different organizational levels of the biosphere. We will review the scientific method of problem solving and applications of hypotheses, theories and laws. We will also take a quick look at the size and impact of the human population on ecosystems. We will discuss the possibilities of global warming and what human activities could contribute to this effect."

Mr. Schainost

Chemistry: Sig Figs/ Finish numbers packet and test

Physics: Science & Physics Test?/Newton's 1st law, Inertia

Advance Chem: Naming and writing formulas/ Testing

Mrs. Stout-Rhine

Web & Digital

This week we went to Herff Jones and worked with their artist to design the cover for the 2019-2020 yearbook! We also assigned and discussed the various jobs within the class and began training for those jobs.

Next week we will select yearbook page assignments and work on individual responsibilities.


This week we completed Chapter 1 application, mastery & review assignments and took test over Ch. 1 - Starting a Proprietorship: Changes That Affect the Accounting Equation .

Next week we will begin Chapter 2 - Analyzing Transactions into Debit & Credit Parts. We will begin using T accounts and analyze how transactions affect accounts and owner's equity.


This week we finished our teen entrepreneur presentations and discussed whether or not entrepreneurship is right for "you", advantages and disadvantages of entrepreneurship, characteristics that are important to being a successful entrepreneur and the importance of planning.

Next week we will look at our own strengths and weaknesses. We will discuss possible needs within a market and the opportunities created by these needs for businesses. We will begin researching successful entrepreneurs and what traits and attributes they have.

Mrs. Williams

Computer Graphics

This week: Worked on Adobe Photoshop Beginner Tutorials

Next week: Will work on my advanced Photoshop Projects via envatotuts+


This week: Discussed the federal court system including the USSC

Next week: Will work on the state court system and start preparations for our first test

College Prep.

This week: Discussed scholarships & grants and went into depth on student loans

Next week: Will work on understanding financial aid packages and budgeting during college

Oz Envy

This week: Students are learning equipment, filling orders, using social media to market our business

Next week: Will continue whatever jobs come our way while also continually designing new designs and creating new products