Classroom Philosophy

Mr. Erdt's Classroom / Garinger High School

The BEST Entrepreneurship Class in the State of NC

Students are good and want to produce good things, and quality work. Enabling students to do so will increase motivation by building their confidence and enabling them to maintain dignity. I keep my class very structured, and use many leadership tactics that I have learning in the US Air Force. My classroom management style may seem authoritarian upon first glance, but my classroom structure is very community centered.

I give my students little freedom, in the lesson plan as I like to keep them very busy. Instilling professionalism and respect are my two main goals when it comes to expectations. I am preparing my students to be productive and happy citizens for the future.

Styling of the Classroom

  • What will be your instructional style?
  • My classroom style is authoritarian with the goal of community / collaborative learning. I keep my own standards and relationships with the students very formal, which gives the students motivation to build community with each-other. Inter-student community fosters collaboration while I maintain order as an onlooker to their cooperation with each-other.
  • What teaching strategies will you use?
  • I use positive reinforcements and clearly stated expectations rather than disciplinary actions and rules. I utilize procedure based classroom management.
  • How will your teaching style impact your classroom-management plan?
  • My teaching style brings students up to a higher level of expectations. When students realize what they can accomplish, their confidence and work ethic will improve.


  1. Verbal Warning
  2. Stay After Class to Speak With Teacher in the Hall
  3. Phone Call to Parent
  4. Written Referral
  5. *Disruptive Behavior: Removal from class, written referral and phone call to parent.