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Do one thing this week

Each newsletter will have an idea for you to try out in your session. Give it a go, see how it works for your classes or how you might adapt it.

This weeks idea is Numeracy

I challenge each teacher in school to focus on something they will be delivering and to see if there is any numeracy involved. This could be at any level, even simple addition of numbers. Make this really implicit, that learning about maths is essential for students in all areas. Maths is part of lots of everyday practice, maybe we need to point it out a little more to students outside the classroom.

Today I observed Mr Mailey using numeracy in his BTEC session looking at assessing an official in sport. He used data to explain how you can gather information and then use it to give feedback. Simple use of percentages of things an official did or did not do.


iPads and teaching

IPads at CAB

Lots of staff are now starting to see the real benefit of using iPads in teaching and more importantly, so are the students. The number of students that are using their own devices is growing and i truly believe that this is an opportunity to really change the culture of teaching and learning at the Academy.

It is too easy to just focus on the outcomes in education and in doing this we completely miss the journey. So many teachers are doing great things in their classroom to really get students being creative and to think about how they are learning. The iPad is a tool to really enhance this process.

Over the coming months I will focus on specific apps or ways to develop use of devices in the classroom and how it can impact on student learning, even to the point of them wanting to do work at home!!!!!

Other good links


Below are some articles that have been shared with me via Twitter. Some great tips on things you can do in tyour classroom, ideas about pedagogy and inspiration to develop your teaching and learning. Teachers are starting to keep blogs of their own learning which can become a hugely valuable resource for other teachers.
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Teaching students to give critique

In a continued effort to impact on literacy in PE we have looked at how to give quality feedback to inform progress in a practical setting. We have produced posters to go up in the sportshall to promote this.