Harrison Park Weekly Update

October 24, 2022

Getting to School on Time

Dear Harrison Park Families,

As we begin to wrap up Quarter 1 and begin Quarter 2, we would like to remind you of the importance of having your child get to school on time. We have recently seen an increase in tardies and want to assure the importance of having students here at the beginning of the school day. Middle school students' start time is at 8:45am and elementary students' start time is at 9:00am. Starting school on time sets students up for a successful day and makes sure that they are not missing out on any important instruction. We strive to partner with you to ensure that your child is getting to school on time.

Thank you for working together to ensure success for your child.

Leah Dickey


Cell Phones and Social Media

Dear Harrison Park Families,

In an effort to maintain an optimal learning environment for all of our students and to ensure safety and limit distractions, we request your support as we curtail the student use of cell phones and social media at Harrison Park. Cell phones are to remain off and away for all students throughout the school day of 8:38am-3:15pm. If students need to access their cell phone they can go to the office and use it there or use the school phone that is available for them. Please review this expectation with your child.

Another topic that we are seeing an uptick in is social media. A large percentage of our students engage in social media and it is important that they understand the importance of this digital tool and their digital footprint. Social media can have many effects on children including anxiety and depression. According to Smart Social, “research suggests that young people who spend more than 2 hours per day on social media are more likely to report poor mental health.” Social media can also negatively impact your child’s sleep and self image. The use of social media can increase the likelihood that your child will be exposed to cyberbullying, which can also negatively impact their mental health.

Below are some tips that families can do to prevent negative impacts of social media? (“6 Tips for Parents of Teens Using Social Media.” published in the Huffington Post):

1. Control of device use: Restricting the time duration of device use is the first and most

obvious step in protecting teens from the negatives associated with social networking.

Additionally, using protection software on the devices used by teens and children offers

a safe way to control without restricting their presence on the Internet and social media.

2. Control of Privacy: While most popular social networking sites have some form of

privacy setting, it is very easy to ignore them. It is important to ensure that the child’s

privacy settings are always private in order to prevent unsavory characters from entering

his/her digital domain.

3. Monitoring of contacts: The line between monitoring and hovering is fine, and every

parent must devise her own limits to controlling the number and type of contacts the

child has on his/her social networking accounts. It is not unreasonable to set rules that

they can only allow people that they know (and the parents know of) into their contact

list. This links to the earlier point of control of privacy. It is impossible to limit or control

the contact list in sites that are set public.

4. Knowledge is power: It is important for parents to know all about the benefits and pitfalls of social networking sites before allowing their child to access it.

5. Censorship: The boundary between censorship and restriction is fine. It is a good idea to not allow the teen/child to post photos of themselves online for obvious reasons.

6. Disabling location/geo-tagging of posts and photos: In the event that a child posts photos online, even in a private social networking site, it is best to turn the geo-specific information off.

While these tips are helpful, it is equally important for you to have open and honest conversations with your child regarding social media. You should encourage your child to utilize social media as a tool for good. Remind your child that they can always come to you or another trusted adult if they ever need help navigating the issues that can arise on social media. It is critically important that your child create a positive image on social media for future colleges and/or employers. Remind your child to THINK about the possible impact before posting anything on social media.

THINK before you post:

T - is it True

H - is it Helpful

I - is it Inspiring

N - is it Necessary

K - is it Kind

Leah Dickey


OSU Nutrition Extension Services

This months featured recipe from OSU is:

Fried rice is a great dinner idea because it is easy to adapt to your family’s preferences and to what you have on hand.

Watch the video for tips on how to make this recipe.

Get the recipe!

Arroz Frito con Carne de Cerdo

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Site Council Volunteers

Are you a parent, family or community member interested in participating in our site council at HP? We are looking for 3-4 members to join our group. As a site council member you will help develop, monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of our School Improvement Plan. Members will meet up to six times a year.

If you are interested please send an email to Shannon Buffington at sbuffington@pps.net

Franklin and McDaniel Youth Winter Sports Sign Up!

If you are interested in playing PIL youth sports, sign ups are starting. See the information below:

Franklin youth Boys and Girls Basketball

Franklin youth Wrestling

McDaniel youth Boys Basketball

McDaniel youth Girls Basketball

McDaniel youth Wresting

Calendar of Events - October

Wednesday, October 26th - Parent Office Hours with TAG Department 6-7pm Zoom Link (Topic will be TAG referral process)

Drop off and Pick up

**Please be aware that our crossing patrol has started this week and to be mindful of them when using the parking lot.

Students need to be dropped off at the curb and make every effort to exit curbside.

Please make an effort to utilize the crosswalk near the 1st-3rd grade entrance.

Avoid parking in driveways, bus zone and blocking others in.

Please arrange for where your children will be picked up - a suggestion is all of your children meet in the youngest child's exit location.

We are noticing long delays to turn onto Division, please be mindful of this and patient as others pick/drop off their children.

Flyers for Upcoming Programs

Champions Childcare Enrollment at HP form

Multnomah Early Childhood Program 22-23 English Spanish

Benson Wellness Center English Spanish

Portland Parks and Recreation Preschool 22-23 Registration

Oregon Health Insurance Marketplace Open Enrollment, Nov. 1 - Jan. 15

Vibe of Portland Fall Classes

Vibe of Portland 2022-23 Art Camps & Classes

Classroom Volunteers

If you are planning to VOLUNTEER in a classroom, you will need to complete the following:

  • A PPS background check - Application link here
  • Show a valid COVID vaccine card
  • Have a pre-arranged appointment
  • Displaying any COVID symptoms or known exposure can restrict school entry

Harrison Park PTA Information

For the latest information on HPPTA checkout our website hpptapdx.com and our Facebook https://www.facebook.com/HarrisonParkPTA

HP PTA contact information: harrisonparkschoolpta@gmail.com

**Be sure to join us for our first meeting on Tuesday, September 13th @ 6pm in the Library.

Harrison Park Facebook Page

Be sure to like our Harrison Park Facebook page for lots of updated information and to find out what is happening at HP.

HP Daily Schedule 22-23

School Handbooks

Harrison Park Parent/Student Handbook

Harrison Park School Climate Handbook

Harrison Park K-8

Office Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday 8:00am-3:45pm

Doors Open for:

6th-8th and K-5 bus riders (in the cafeteria) @ 8:38am

K-5 @ 8:53am

Please do not drop your child off earlier than these times as adult supervision is not available.

If you are the parent of a student in BOTH middle school and K-5 classroom and your students will be arriving together, please CALL the office and we can make arrangements for your K-5 student to be supervised upon your middle school student's entrance to the building.