Boston Celtics

By:Sabreen Sabha

*Team Information

A. Name of Team:

- Boston Celtics

B. Location Information

-Country: America

-State: Massachusetts

-City: Boston

-Longitude and Latitude: 42.358 degrees north ,71.0636 degrees west

-Region: Northeast

C. Languages spoken:


D.Interesting Facts About Northeastern Region:

-Basketball and Volleyball were invented in the Northeast region.

-The Northeastern region holds the largest city in the United States, New York.

-The Northeast region is the eldest named region.

E. Physical Features of Northeastern Region:

-Appalachian Mountains

-The Great Lakes

-The Hudson Bay

**Team Mascot information

A. What is the team mascot?

-Lucky the Leprechaun

B. Are there any nicknames for this team and what are they?

-Celts, The Green

C. How does the mascot/ nickname connect to the region?

-The mascot connect to the region because in Boston and New York they celebrate St. Patrick's day with a fair and there are a lot of Irish in the region.


A. When was this team established?


B. Who founded the team?

-Walter Brown

C. Why did they choose this location?

-He choose this location because the founder worked at the stadium where they play now.

D. Does this mascot connect to the region and how?

-Yes, because in Boston they celebrate St.Patrick's Day with a fair.

**** Economy

A. What is the name stadium?

-TD Bank Garden

B. Why does this stadium have this name?

-It has this name because TD Bank is the sponsor.

C. Has this stadium ever had another name? If so what is it?


D. More and more stadiums are being named after major businesses instead of individuals . Why has there been this shift in naming of stadiums?

-There has been this shift because, the companies want to advertise to the public.