Life in Rome

Rome is where good living begins

Why should you come live in this great place?

Rome is the capital city of Italy, the history of people living in this city goes all the way back to 753 BC. This city is one of the most popular in the world. Most people back in the old times were farmers & herders. Father's in the family have more power than women, but even though women don't contribute money wise they still are very important to the family because they run the house & do the cooking, cleaning.

Roman Gods

At the beginning of time Romans believed in more than 1 god & goddesses, & all of them were part of a family. Each one looked over different & certain things. Days of the weeks & other things are named after these gods.

These are pictures of some historical drawings & monuments

Living this life you are guaranteed to be happy & safe

Romans believing in life after death??

For a persons spirit to get to the underworld they needed to cross the River Styx, the Romans believed that that's what you had to do. When Christianity came around some beliefs changed because it was made the official religion of the Roman empire.

Come live!

Living in Rome is just a great way to live life with your family & be successful.