Wayne Williams

By: Magdely Benavides


  • Wayne Williams was born in Atlanta in May 1958.
  • Occupation: Freelance photographer
  • Both parents were teachers
  • Local singer


  • Fiber found on victim was a match to those found in his car and home
  • He was matched to sketches
  • FBI's profiling was convincing
  • German Shepard hair found


  • Responsible for about 23-29 children (death)
  • Children were never found
  • Patrick Baltazar's death

Possible Bias:

The fibers looked under the microscope were consistent, but it was only a matter of judgement, not science. Several testing was occurring, but not all of the results matched Wayne's hair. Because of the different results it did come to question if he really did do it, but because there was sufficient amount of other evidence to arrest him he was.