Celebrate National Poetry Month

with free apps!

Word Mover ReadWriteThink's Word Mover mobile app is used to supplement classroom instruction, reinforce concepts taught in class, and offer increased student engagement. Word Mover allows children and teens to create "found poetry" by choosing from word banks and existing famous works; create a piece of poetry by manipulating the text.
Poetry Creator | Verses Set your creativity ablaze with Verses' word mixing possibilities. After creating a poem out of your own personal mix of dictionaries, you can send your creation to friends via email. Arranging words into your own poetry is much easier and smoother (and thus more enjoyable) using Verses.
Visual Poet Visual Poet is an application for creating visual poetry. With Visual Poet, the user can combine imagery and text to author compelling mixed media works of art and publish them to the internet. Create 3 panel visual poems using Google images or from your own photo library and then email your work.
Poetry Daily When you wake up in the morning, why not start off with a brand new surprise poem to read? This free app does one thing really well -- it gives you a new poem every day. There are a few other things this app does, but the only reason you’ll want this is to get a new daily poem. Start the day off right with a new poem.
Poetry from The Poetry Foundation POETRY from The Poetry Foundation is a great resource. You have access to thousands of classic and contemporary poems on both your iPad and your iPhone. What better way to enjoy poetry than by reading it? Some of the poems are even recorded so you can simply listen to the inspiring words of other poets.
Poetry Everywhere There is nothing quite like seeing poetry performed. The next best thing to attending a venue like Da Poetry Lounge in LA is to watch videos of poets. This app is packed full of some great poets performing their works. If you can’t find a poetry venue in your area, then grab this app.
Shakespeare Shakespeare™ is a free app with the complete works of Shakespeare (41 plays, 154 sonnets and 6 poems, including doubtful works) and a searchable concordance to find the exact word or phrase you’re looking for (with “relaxed” searching to find words close to your search term).