Branson Attraction

Major Attractions

- Hollywood Wax Museum

- Inspirational Tower

- National Tiger Sanctuary

- Worlds Largest Toy Museum

Target Market

- Retired people

- Young families

- Vacationers

Product Mix

- Advertising will be in travel magazines, on the radio and on the T.V.

- My Branson Resort offers a pool, three meals a day, a spa, day care for couples who want a night to them selves and much more.

- The only expense is the over night expense, everything else is for your enjoyment.

10 Facts About Branson

1. Home of over 60,000 theater seats.

2. Named after a local general store owner, Rueben Branson.

3. There are over 50 theaters in Branson.

4. Branson has 8 championship golf courses.

5. Has over 18,000 lodging rooms.

6. There are over 400 restaurants in Branson.

7. Branson outlet malls boast more than 200 stores.

8. Most hotels have at least one pool.

9. Trout fishing is great all year round.

10. Has 16 parks to enjoy.