MacKenzie Leger

Fill In the Blank

A ____________ led by Moses occurred when the Isrealites, tired of being enslaved by the Egyptians, went from Egypt to the promised land.
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n. 1. Any group migration or flight from a country.

2. (capitalized) the dispersion of the Jews from their homeland in the Middle East.

DIA <. G. "through"

SPHEIREIN<G. "to scatter"










Choose the sentence in which the bold-faced type is used incorrectly

A. Between the 16th and 19th century, there was a diaspora of Africans as they were taken by colonists and sent to different parts of the world to be slaves

B. Prior to the Diaspora there was great tension between the Jews and Romans in Babylon, and the Jews were made an inferior ethnic group.

C. The Great Potato Famine in Ireland caused a diaspora of the Irish as they scattered to different countries to avoid starvation and death.

D. The young boy wrapped his diaspora carefully in blankets so that he would not ruin his presentation before the science fair.

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