Planet Iridocyclitis


About Planet iridocyclitis

Planet Iridocyclitis is a fantastic planet to live on. It is a red dwarf which means the planet is very small compared to earth. Planet iridocyclitis is .34 AU's away from the sun. Its planet mass is .52.It has volcanoes, plate movement , liquid water, and producers.
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Planet iridocyclitis has a tilt of 77 degree tilt. And that means that this planet will have mild weather changes and mild weather , but still with 4 seasons. For example if your in winter season your going have a big change from fall to winter and have a lot of snow storms.


Planet iridocyclitis has 7 moons. There moons look a lot alike and there the same exact size. They orbit exactly how the moon on earth does, it revolves and rotates with planet iridocyclitis. The moons effect the tides a lot , if its low tide its like high tide on earth.
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The mass of the planet is very small, which is good because the planet its self is very small. This helps its gravity because it can help humans breath, envirment, weather, etc.
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Planet iridocyclitis is a great planet! Fly down now while you have the chance.