What Would You Do If

Your Child Was Abducted?

Every 40 seconds, a child is abducted in the United States.

  • There are 3 types of kidnapping
  • Family kidnapping, which occurs 49% of the time
  • Acquaintance kidnapping, which occurs 27% of the time
  • Lastly, there is stranger kidnapping, which happens 24% of the time

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The increase in missing children since 1988 is 500%.

The FBI receives more than 2,000 missing child reports every day. That means 2,000 yesterday, 2,000 today and 2,000 tomorrow.

No matter what kind of kidnapping occurs, it will always be illegal and wrong.

Teaching Kids to Fight Back When Kidnapped

STOPPING CHILD ABDUCTIONS : Giving Kids Fighting Chance! (Children Personal Safety)