A wonderful celebration of writing for all ages

The boring month of November

November is such a boring month. The only exciting thing about it is Thanksgiving, and that’s not until the end of the month! Don’t you want to spice up your November? Well, National Novel Writing Month is probably for you! National Novel Writing Month, NaNoWriMo for short, is a wonderful month-long celebration of writing that can not only give you something to do, but it can give you a wonderful way to relax!

Kick back and write!

After a long day of whatever it is you do, you can just kick back and write whatever it is you want. There are no restrictions on what you can write, and there’s always people willing to help you if you get stuck. There’s no outside pressure for completing the goal of 50k words, but if you manage to succeed, you get a wonderful feeling of gratification from it. In 2012 alone there were 300,000 determined people, just like you, who worked long and hard on their novels, many not only succeeding, but exceeding the goal and finishing their stories. Some are even able to become published authors, and wouldn’t it be wonderful if that were to happen to you?

No Pressure!

You can have fun, work hard, relax, and maybe even get well on your way to making money living your dream life as an author all by doing NaNoWriMo. And the fun doesn't stop there! After the month ends, you don’t have to stop. Didn't finish? Doesn't matter! Just keep going for fun, since there’s no one to tell you to stop after the last day.

Younger Audiences and Help For All

Now, NaNoWriMo is mainly intended for people thirteen and older, but there’s always the NaNoWriMo Young Writers Program for those who are younger. The word count goal on the YWP is set personally, so there’s even less reason not to finish within the month, and it’s also a wonderful way to inspire a love of writing early on in life. There’s also Camp NaNoWriMo, which is a support tool provided by the brilliant people who came up with NaNoWriMo in the first place, and is meant as a tool to be used to help people in writing their novels

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Why not do NaNoWriMo this year? There’s no reason not to!