How To Have A Healthy Relationship

Life will be better if you have a healthy relationships!!!

Why would life be better if you have a healthy relationship?

A healthy relationship would make it easier for you and your mate to live together. There would be less argument more agreement. Your feeling won't be hurt, your partner will be supporting you. All of these will definitely make your life better.

What are some ways to have a healthy relationship?

Respect your partner: Respect their privacy, respect their likes and needs, respect their decisions, don't force your partner to do something they don't like.

Be honest: Be honest to your partner, don't lie, this'll only make it worse because you'll have to keep the lie go on and on.

Support your partner: Support their decisions and encourage them to do the right thing. Also let your partner know when you need their support. Healthy relationship is about you and your partner help each other up not putting them down.

Trustworthy: You should trust your partner if you want them to trust you. Trust each other is one of the main key in having a healthy relationship.

Healthy relationships prevent you from something like to do!

Healthy relationship does not prevent you from:

  • Go out with your friends without your partner.
  • Do hobbies and activities that you like.

Some examples of what is NOT healthy relationship

  • Your partner does not want you to do something that you like to do.
  • Your partner does not listen to what you're saying
  • Your partner does not respect your decisions