STEM Head of School Update

August 25, 2023 Issue #2

From the Office of Art Campbell, Head of School

Mr. Art Campbell, Head of School

Ms. Kelly Stauffer, Admin. Asst. to the Head of School

Monday, August 28 will be the first official day of the 2023-2024 school year for all students. The school day begins promptly at 7:40 a.m and we are looking forward to seeing everyone.

**All 9th grade students should report directly to the Auditorium on the first student day.**

**The daily schedule for August 28-September 12 has been modified as we work toward preparing for the Lunch & Learn Schedule. The modified schedule is below.

23-24 Opening Week Schedule

As a reminder, there will be no school on Monday, September 4, in observance of Labor Day. School will resume on Tuesday September 5. Picture Day for students in grades 9-11 will take place on Thursday, September 7 during the school day.

Transportation: Information about bussing was sent out to all DASD families via email on Monday, August 21, 2023. The email came from the following email address:

  • School Bus Line ups are now available on the Transportation Website. STEM Bus locations can be found on the following maps on the website: ST and DW. These maps are also hung in various places throughout the building and on the counter in the main office if students have a question about where they can find their bus. Maps are subject to change and will be updated internally as shared with us on the website.
  • Band Students going to East for class during the school day will ride a bus to East and that bus will pick up at STEM promptly at 1:25. A bus will pick students up at the locker room entrance. Students should be sure to be on time.
  • After School Activities to East: There will be a daily bus for students that are participating in after school activities at East. These buses are only for those participating in activities. Bus numbers will be posted Monday morning.

Bus Passes are for Emergency use only. All bus rosters are full and only in the event of an emergency will a student be allowed to ride a different bus home. The request for a bus pass should come to the main office and will need approval from Mr. Campbell.

Traffic: Please review the student pick up and drop off procedures located under School Day on our Website. Students should not be dropped off on Manor Ave as this disrupts the flow of traffic. For the safety of all families, please drop off in the drop off line around the back of the building.

Parking Permit Update: Due to the ongoing construction on the West Campus, parking permits this year are limited at both West and STEM. Any student that applied between August 2, and August 17 will have until the end of the first week of school to clear any obligations in Payschools including payment for the parking permit. Students should stop by the main office by the end of the day on Sept. 1 with their valid drivers' license, insurance card and registration, to claim their permit. We will revisit those that have been placed on the waitlist for parking permits on Sept. 5, 2023.

Lunch & Learn: Beginning September 13th, on days students have periods 1-7 we will continue our one hour Lunch & Learn. The purpose of Lunch & Learn is to provide students with the time, support, and resources necessary to be a successful student. By scheduling time during the school day, all students will have equal access to their teachers and other resources. This is a time for students to eat lunch, work on schoolwork, meet with teachers and counselors, participate in physical activity in our stadium behind the school, meet as student clubs, as well as other optional special programs for our students. This is a time that all staff and administration are available for our students. Please be on the lookout for much more information over the next few weeks.

Early Dismissals: Any student leaving school must go through the main office if they have a note for an early dismissal, or if Mrs. Mikulich, school nurse, is dismissing due to illness. If a student is feeling ill they should ask their teacher if they may go to the nurse and the nurse will assist in next steps. Parents, please do not allow your student to text or call you to come get them and then pick them up and leave. Please tell them to go to the nurse and the nurse will be in contact, or please call the school to let us know your child isn’t feeling well. This is extremely important for student safety and accountability.

Emergency Drills: In the first weeks of school we will conduct our fire, severe weather and ALICE Drills (lockdown/evacuation) with our school staff. Please ask your students how these drills went and how they felt about them. It is critically important that students feel safe in school. We take these drills very seriously and want our students to understand the importance.

Arriving at School on Time: We have a lot of work to do each day with our STEM Academy students. Therefore, it is critical for students to arrive on time whether they are riding with a family member, friend, or driving themselves to school. Our school day begins promptly at 7:40 am. Students are expected to be in their classroom by 7:40 am each morning in order to maximize their experience with us. Please allow extra time for arrival in the morning, especially the first week of school. We will be lenient the first week but students driving or obtaining a ride are expected to be to school on time. If students ride the bus, then they will not be marked late due to a late arrival of the bus.

Senior Pathways: Similar to previous years, senior pathways will take place during the second and third marking periods. Seniors will be required to report to their assigned classroom for the first marking period as this is time designated to working on CAS, EE, practicum portfolio, college applications, and some special presentations. Seniors must report to their senior pathway room and remain there to work on the items above. Senior privilege/early dismissal/later arrival is not in effect during this time.

Student Schedules: Schedules are available on the Campus Portal. Please advise your son/daughter to check the Campus Portal up to the first student day of school, August 28, 2023, as schedules are subject to change. Juniors and Seniors, should also verify that they are registered for the proper number of HL and SL courses. If there is an error on your son/daughter’s schedule please call the Counseling Office at (610) 269-2420 x 43031 or email your counselor.

Technology Fee: The DASD School Board of Directors has established a technology fee for all high school students. Please review the District 1:1 Fast Facts for Families- DASD for details on technology fees, and all other device specific information. Please visit PaySchools Central in order to satisfy payment requirements.

Free & Reduced Meal Plan: Information can be found on the Food Services website

School Safety: Safety and Discipline are an essential component to any school. Students and parents are required to read the bullet points below as you will be held responsible for following school and school district policies.

All students are required to follow all school and district policies and procedures.

STEM Academy Class of 2027: Welcome!

First Day of School Directions: August 28

All incoming freshmen should report directly to the auditorium on the first student day. We look forward to seeing you!

If you did not pick up your district issued device over the course of the last few weeks you will need to make sure this is picked up on the first student day, unless you entered a technology ticket and were scheduled a pick up date between now and the first day of school.

Options for picking up the device on the first student day:

  • Arrive early to school at 7:00 am and report to the technology office in the Knowledge Commons to get set up prior to the meeting in the auditorium.
  • Stop by the Technology Office in the KnowCo before the end of the day to get set up, with permission from your teacher, so that they know where you are at.
  • Stop by the technology office immediately after school, so that you are prepared for day 2. The technology office is open until 3:00 pm.

Picture Day Gr. 9-11 / Health Screenings for the Class of 2024

Thursday, Sep. 7th, 7:30am

335 Manor Avenue

Downingtown, PA

Lifetouch Picture Day for Students in Grades 9-11 will take place during the school day on Thursday, September 7, 2023. A schedule will be provided for students throughout the school day.

To Pre-order visit using your Student ID or Picture Day ID: EVT33TXRZ

The Senior Class will have Health Screenings with Ms. Mikulich our school nurse during this time. A schedule will be provided to students.

Save the Date: Back to School Night at the STEM Academy

Thursday, Sep. 21st, 6-8pm

335 Manor Avenue

Downingtown, PA

Campus Safety Reminders, Parking and Parking Permits, Traffic on Campus...

Student Drop Off

Please be reminded that students are to be dropped off behind the school. No students should be dropped off on Manor Ave. We appreciate your cooperation. Safety is always our first priority.

Also for the safety of all students and staff crossing back and forth during lunch time, the entrance to the STEM Academy on Campbell Drive will be closed during all lunch times for the remainder of the school year. Please use the West entrance to access the campus during that time.

Parking and Parking Permits

Junior and Senior Class families have received several communications recently regarding procedures for parking permits and the limited availability on campus due to the construction this year.

Students that have applied for a parking permit between August 2 and August 17, will need to make sure the permit is paid for and all obligations are taken care of before the end of the first week of school on Sept 1. Due to the limited number of spaces we have available, we cannot hold parking permit applications for an extended period of time.

Traffic: Please review the student pick up and drop off procedures located under School Day on our Website.

STEM Counseling Department

STEM Academy Counselors:

Below is an updated counseling office schedule.

Ms. Mary Wallin:

9th Grade: A-L

10th -12th Grade: A-C

Mr. David Stratton:

9th Grade: M-P

10th -12th Grade: D-KL

Ms. Stacey Hewitt:

9th Grade: R-S

10th -12th Grade: Ko-Ra

Ms. Leanne Glowik :

9th Grade: T-Z

10th -12th Grade: Re-Z

Ms. Stephanie Rockowitz, Counseling Secretary/Registrar

Ms. Jennifer Stull, Prevention Specialist

Guide to Districtwide Mental Health Resources

To schedule an appt. to visit your school counselor, please complete the following form:

Counseling Appointment Request Form

Additional Resources from the STEM Counseling Department

University and College Visits: Throughout the course of the year, the counseling department has coordinated many college visits for our Senior Class.

All scheduled visits are now listed on the STEM Academy Website Calendar

Senior Class of 2024

Senior Class Portraits: If you have not had your senior portraits taken over the summer, the last three opportunities will be held September 5, 6 or 7, from 3:00-8:00 pm in the STEM Academy Auditorium. You must make an appointment.

**If you need to have portraits retaken, you must contact Lifetouch Customer Service 1800-687-9327.

Act 10 Military Opt-Out: If your student does not wish to be contacted by a local recruiting agency, this form must be completed and returned to the counseling office no later than October 10, 2023.

Parking Permit: The parking permit application for the senior class opened on August 2, 2023. This application must be completed in full to be considered for a parking permit. Parking permits are limited due to construction on campus this year. Please reveiw the **This form can only be completed by the student using their DASD email address.

Senior Diploma Verification: Students should complete this form using their DASD student email address. This form must be completed to verify the complete name of the student that will be listed on their diploma. The deadline to complete this form is October 13, 2023.

Senior Privileges: Also known as the Early Dismissal/Late Arrival Form, students are required to have this form completed. Once completed, the student will be notified by the main office once their privileges go in to effect.

Reminders for those with Senior Privileges

  • You MUST sign in at the main office when you arrive to school, and out prior to leaving for the day.
  • You should enter through the main office.
  • You must have completed the Early Dismissal/Late Arrival Permission form for Seniors
  • Once approved, you will receive a message to see Ms. Sokso in the main office. Students should not leave until they have checked out in the main office.

IB Updates: Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS)/Extended Essay (EE)

Ms. Alyssa Sherlock, IB Research Specialist/CAS& EE Coordinator

Welcome back for another great school year!

Class of 2024 [Seniors]:

Many students updated their CAS progress in ManageBac over the summer. Now is a good time to post reflections and upload evidence from all you have done, making sure to address all seven learning outcomes.

If you have not yet submitted your proposal for a CAS or Graduation Project, please email it to Mrs. Sherlock by Sep. 8th!

Class of 2024 [Seniors]:

EE Outlines with Bibliography are due to be submitted to both ManageBac and TurnItIn by Friday, September 8th.

Your advisors are looking forward to seeing all that you have done so far!

From the Nurse

  • Online Registration: Please remember to complete the Online Registration for your child(ren). This will provide me with updated health information as well as give permission for over the counter medication this school year. Go to Infinite Campus Parent Portal to complete the process.
  • Medication: Students are only permitted to carry emergency medication (Epinephrine, Asthma inhalers, and diabetes medication). Any medication to be administered during the school day, should follow our current medication policy (attach board policy) and complete the authorization for medication administration
  • Please contact Ms. Jennifer Mikulich with any questions or concerns.

Ms. Dana Sokso: Attendance Secretary DASD STEM Academy

Please help us in reminding your student of the following:

  • Whether your student is arriving late to school, has Senior Privileges, or has a parent note to leave early, they must sign in/out of the main office for attendance.
  • All attendance inquiries throughout the school year can be directed to
  • Students should scan the QR Codes located outside the main office, and then upload their notes for Absence, Tardiness, and Trips.
  • Please review the attendance policy in the Student Code of Conduct: Upon 3 unlawful offenses a written notification will be sent to parent; upon 6 unlawful absences, a 2nd notification will be sent, and a School Attendance improvement plan meeting will be required.
  • If you are planning a family trip, please be sure to turn in the Request Form for Educational and Family Trips, no less than 2 weeks prior to the request.

IB Program Requirements

Mr. Michael Sheehan, Dean of Curriculum and Instruction

Ms. Meghan Schell, Administrative Assistant

2023-2024 STEM Academy Program of Study

IB Internal Assessments: As part of the IB Course Requirements, all juniors and seniors will be completing the internal assessments required throughout the two-year program. Mr. Sheehan, IB Coordinator, will be sending home a communication regarding the IB Internal Assessment requirements and due dates. Class of 2024 and 2025, please know that we are currently working with your teachers to establish dates and times for completing IA’s. More information will be coming your way in the near future.

IB Assessment and Curriculum Fees: Every senior, both diploma and non-diploma candidates, will take the culminating IB exams in May. Mr. Sheehan, will be sending a letter very soon explaining the process for payment which includes a pay schedule and method for payment.

Student Life

Ms. Katherine Cole,Dean of Academics & Student Life

Ms. Cory Butler, Administrative Assistant

Community Volunteer Requirements: To maintain a safe and health environment for staff and students, background clearances are required and should be turned into the main office. The annual volunteer disclosure form should also be completed yearly and returned to the main office. Thank you for helping us keep our schools safe!

Big picture
Big picture

Internships and Partnerships

Ms. Susan Boardman, Internships and Partnerships Coordinator

Ms. Cory Butler, Administrative Assistant

Please be sure to review the portion of our website, STEM in Our Community for a complete overview of our Pathways and Practicum Program.

Below you will find a schedule of training that our students are fortunate enough to receive through our Internships and Partnerships program here at the STEM Academy. Students will be provided a schedule for when sessions will be taking place on the dates noted below.

Big picture

Important Links for Parents & Students

  • 2023-2024 DASD School District Calendar
  • Infinite Campus: Student schedules, report cards, and access to updating the annual registration verification can be accessed here.
  • Payschools: All Activity, Technology and Food services fees can be paid quickly and easily in this portal. (All parking permit fees should now be showing in student accounts.)
  • Schoology: Many courses and classes are updated daily. This is a very important tool for communicating!
  • Service Desk: Technology support can be accessed here. Please review the directions for the new platform for service desk request for the 23-24 school year.

Home and School Association



President: Michelle Smith

Co-Vice Presidents: Mary Gasser and Heather Steiger

Co-Treasurers: Darah Fildore and Christa Midgett

Secretary: Kerri Roberts

Please join us for our first HSA Meeting of the 23-24 school year, on Monday, September 11, 2023 at 7:00 pm. This meeting will be held in person at the STEM Academy Knowledge Commons.

Attn. Current/Prospective Swimmers for the Dwest Swim and Dive Team

Attention Current and Prospective Swimmers:

On Sunday Sept. 10 the DWest Swim and Dive team will have a welcome pool party. All current swimmers and incoming students interested in the DWest Swim and Dive team are welcome. Current team members will receive an email with the details. Incoming members please email for details.

DASD Athletics

All students at STEM are encouraged to participate in athletic programs offered at their home schools.

An activity bus is available for students heading to East to participate daily, and is located in the bus loop at dismissal.

To find more information about what sports are offered at your students’ homeschool, please choose one of the following that links directly to the correct Athletics page:

Downingtown East High School Athletics

Downingtown East High School Athletics Schedule


Downingtown West High School Athletics

Downingtown West High School Athletics Schedule

Downingtown STEM Academy

The Downingtown STEM Academy is the third high school in the Downingtown Area School District. The STEM Academy opened in the fall of 2011 at 335 Manor Avenue, Downingtown, PA 19335.

The Academy is an IB World School offering every student the opportunity to earn an IB Diploma. The curriculum offers Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Pathways. Students are engaged in rigorous, challenging academic work that requires a mindset of growth and effort.