Sir Walter Raleigh


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Requirement 1

Sir Walter Raleigh's date of birth was in 1552. He died by decapitation on October 29, 1618. he was a writer, poet, soldier, politician, courtier, spy and explorer. He was an english man. His homeland was East Budleigh, United Kindom.

Requirement 2

Sir Walter Raleigh established a colony near Roanoke Island, in present day North Carolina. But, he called it Virginia. The Queen of the United Kingdom was the one who financed his voyages because Raleigh was one of her favorites.

Requirement 3

Sir Walter Raleigh was executed because of the fail of an expedition, and was decapitated.

Requirement 4

Sir Walter Raleigh established a colony near Roanoke island (Present day North Carolina). He also advocated the colonization of the United States. Now he is associated with the introduction of the potato and tobacco shipment to England.

Requirement 6

One site that will help you find what he achieved would be Walter Raleigh- Another site that will help you find how his expeditions were benefitial would be Sir Walter Raleigh-history learnign Site. For the last site, this will help you know when he died and how he died, Sir Walter Raleigh executed-October 29, 1618-history .com
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Sir Walter Raleigh English explorer