Kindergarten Classroom Guidance



Learning Target: I can express my feelings in a positive way.

This month our kindergarteners are learning about feelings. We took time to look at pictures of faces and tried to guess what feeling they demonstrated. We listened and acted out motions to our "Feeling Song" to help them understand how our bodies look and feel differently depending upon how we feel. This is am important piece to begin to recognize how other people are feeling at times. To wrap up our lesson, students drew pictures of various things that make them feel happy, sad, scared, and mad.

Application: Ask your child to show you their drawings and have them explain each feeling to you. Also, have them talk about how their bodies look and feel (comfortable when happy, uncomfortable when sad, mad, scared)

ASCA (American School Counseling Association) Standard: PS: A1.5 Students will acquire self-knowledge by identifying and expressing feelings.