Canada and US- Connected But Not!

Created by Isaac White

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The United States has a stronger economy than Canada, measured by the GDP (per capita and total). This may be true, but Canada has a lower unemployment rate. This means that even though the overall economy is stronger in the US, a higher percentage of Canadians have jobs, than Americans. The US is also very badly in debt, while Canada's debt is about a tenth of the debt of the US.


In the US, the homicide count is a lot more than Canada. This means that a lot more people in the US are killing each other than in Canada. The drinking age and age of consent are also lower in Canada, while the voting ages are the same. Both countries are highly literate. The only real difference in education is that kids start school a year later in Canada. The life expectancy in Canada is three years older than in the US.


Barack Obama is the President of the US, while David Johnston is the Chief Executive of Canada. Canada is a Constitutional Monarchy, and the US is a Constitutional Democracy. The term length in Canada is 5 years, and the term length in the US is 4 years. This is how long the Chief Executive can stay in that role. The US is also a permanent security council member, while Canada is not a security council member at all.

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