Andy Warhol

Painter and Filmmaker

Early life

Andrew Warhol was born on August 6,1928. He was raised in Oakland Pittsburg with his parents who had just immigrated from Slovakia. His parents were Ondrej and Julia Warhola. Andy had two brothers, John and Pavol Warhola. Andy attained a fascination with art when he was just 8 years old. He attended Schenely high school.
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Career as an Artist

Andy went to the Carnegie institute of Technology after high school for pictorial design but ended up with a bachelors degree in fine arts. After graduation Andy moved to New York and was hired by Glamour Magazine as a commercial artist. He won several awards for his unique painting and his style of painting. He was most noted for his technique in painting because he used what is called the blotted line.

Top 3 most famous paintings by Andy Warhol

10 Interesting Facts

  1. Andy Warhol isn't his birth name, it's actually Andrew Warhol
  2. Andy Warhol claimed he was a virgin his whole life
  3. He is the reason that pop art is so famous
  4. Andy had a nose job at age 29
  5. He had a strong dislike of eating leftovers.
  6. His first movie he made was "sleep" and it was a 6 hour long movie of his friend sleeping
  7. He was shot 3 times by Valerie Solanis.
  8. He used to record all of his conversations and called his recorder his wife
  9. He often went out to clubs
  10. Andy was excluded from his high school arts club because he was better than everybody.
Andy Warhol eating a hamburger