My Learning Journey


Here are three tools I've learned in BTT...

1. Google Draw

Google Draw is on Google draw is just what it sounds like. It is a helpful tool to create posters using shapes and lines. To use Google Draw, you need to get an account on Once you have and account you can open your drive and click "CREATE." A tab will pop up where you can click "Drawing", and then you can start your Google Draw! Use the link posted on the bottom of the page to help you with the basics of Google Draw! Hope this helped!

What's new that I have learned on Google Draw?

There are some pretty cool things you can do when you use Google Draw! This tool is a way to make your Google Draw look more creative and fun!

  1. Word Art?
  • Word Art is a tool where you can take short text and make it look more colourful and fun!
  • To get to Word Art you need to click "Insert" on your editing tab
  • "Word Art" will come up where you click it and a tab will come up where you type what you want in the box!
  • Once you've typed in the box you can move and rotate your text
  • you can also fill the colour in the letters and pick a cool colour to outline the text with!

Here is a Link to a Google Draw that will help you with the basics of Google Draw...

2. Rule of Thirds

So what is the rule of thirds? The rule of thirds is when you place the most important object in a picture on the intersecting lines. You are never supposed to center the object in the picture.

Rule of Thirds History

In 1797, a man by the name of John Thomas Smith came up with the idea of the rule of thirds. Smith also started a book called Remarks on Rural Scenery that has the rule of thirds written about in the book. The picture below is a part about the rule of thirds from Smith's book Remarks on Rural Scenery.
Below is a link to a Google Draw on the Rule of Thirds:

3. Prezi

Prezi is a very helpful tool on the internet that allows you to make online presentations in easy and creative ways! Below is a link that teaches you the basics of starting your own prezi! To make your own prezi, go to <> to get started!

What new have I learned on Prezi?

Did you know that once you pick a template for your prezi, you can change parts of it to fit what you want for your design! To do this, go to Themes on the tab at the top of the page. Click it and it will give you tons of cool background ideas! Fool around with it and pick one you like!

Hope that this has led you to finding new tools online! Enjoy!