Come to Aqua

if you dare

The Coral Reef

The Coral Reef is a nice place where you can tour old Algebrain history see the great Mathmatical see the picture of the great Al


The Deep Blue

the deep blue is a place where you can be caught by the Alpha Predator but it does have some of the best food in Aqua the seagrass has lots of spices available around it so it might be a little spicy

The Lookout

is a place where you can look at the strange creatures or you can see the life of Aqua and how Aqua thrives you can see the worker Algebrains walk around and fix the world of Aqua

The end

Aqua thrives on visitors like you to come and shop and overall see the world of Aqua please come once or twice or even buy/make a home here we don't bite :)

To contact Aqua hotels in Coral Reef use the following information