The Most Dangerous Game

Project By Vanessa Doan


"This island is called Ship-Trap" - General Zaroff pg. 22

The setting describe where and when the story take place. The setting in this story takes place on Ship-Trap island in the early 1920's somewhere in the Caribbean Sea.
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"I'm Sanger Rainsford of New York" - Rainsford pg. 17

"I'm General Zaroff" - Zaroff pg.17

A character is a person or animal in a story. Sanger Rainsford is a world renowned big game hunter and the story's protagonist. General Zaroff is a Russian Cossack and expatriate who lives on Ship-Trap island and enjoys hunting men. Whitney is a friend of Rainsford and traveling companion. Ivan is a Cossack and Zaroff's mute assistant.

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Conflict Man vs. Nature

"Bleak darkness was blacking out the sea and jungle when Rainsford sighted the light" pg. 16

Man vs. Nature means a character has a problem with some natural happening. Rainsford is first placed against the sea when the ship wrecks. Then he faces the jungle along with all the elements within it.


"That's odd. It must have been a fairly large animal too." - Rainsford pg. 15

Foreshadowing are hints the author give you about something that is going to happened later. In this story Rainsford hears a sceram of an animal that he has never heard before which should be impossible since he has hunted every game known to man, later we find out that the scream wasn't an animal but a human...although to the who's hunting the human the point is discussable.