Come to Minnesota!!!

Written by Kayla Boehne

Coming to Minnesota.

You could come to Minnesota in at least 6 different but easy ways! You could come in Oxen pulled carts, horse back, carriage, or by water on steam boat, or even by walking! but you should hurry before all the beautiful, fertile land is taken by others!

The land and people in it.

The land is very fast filling, so act fast before its all gone! The land is also very fertile so its quiet easy to farm. And the scenery is the most beautiful thing you will ever see! Much better than the view you probably have now! The people who live here do not even consider how much money you have! Rich or poor your equal to every one around you.


In the territory of Minnesota there is a town named St. Paul. In St. Paul there is a small school house, a teacher named Harriet Bishop. I must say she is a great teacher and has helped so many uneducated children.

Hurry and GO!!!

Stop reading this poster and GO to Minnesota now!!!!!